Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 22 May 2015


There's just been a query about Reptiliads on TMP, and as the pictures of my son Steven's Reptiliad army are no longer available on the deceased Garrison site I've put them here:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Interim post

As it's a long time since my last one...

Still waiting for orders from RAFM and Mirliton to arrive, so no news there.

On Ancients, nearly completed two reclaimed Assyrian chariots, so soon with them. I've also got a unit of Egyptian archers to undercoat. Also, a unit of Assyrian light spears bought off the Internet to do - they only need minor work doing. Few other things, just nothing ready.

At some stage some other Internet buys to do - lots of early 'S' Range one piece cavalry figures. That lot should be interesting when done.

Casting, lots of figures being slowly cast for various people - hope to get most of them done by the weekend.

Finally, King's Lynn is a Hanse Port and there was a Hanse Fesival at the weekend - including a visit by a replica 14th Century cog. Need to sort those photos out as well...

So, lots going on, just not a lot in a 'finished' state!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lydia v Phrygia DBA

As I'm getting on with some casting, this battle is on the 2' deep board that I also rest my spincaster on.

Figures are all Garrison 20mm though the Phrygian General's chariot is scratch built.

Setup shown from behind the Lydian army.

The Phrygian  right heads to outflank the refused Lydian left...

Whilst the Lydian right heads towards the Phrygians...

Note the double ranked Lydian spears. At this point I'd forgotten that they don't count two ranks against peltasts (Ax).

The Phrygian General plus supports reaches first.

But being pushed back and losing 2 elements of peltasts   didn't seem like a good start.



While the Lydian right was being held up - that small wood had a major effect on the battle...

At which point the Lydians were 4 elements down and lost!

So the armies got put away and out came the casting setup.

Another enjoyable battle. Even fighting solo there are surprises - the way the Lydian right was held up by light archers in the wood - and lost a light horse element in the process - the fact that spears beat the peltasts as expected, but not as easily, one element of spears lost to two elements of peltasts,  and the speed at which the Phrygian right was able to get into action and win the day...

Friday, 1 May 2015

Excuses to stock up

Birthdays count.

One of the advantages to Salute, for example, is that it gives my son a chance to sort out my prezzie. Basically,   S&A Scenics have now provided me with some new rivers to replace some tattered 40 year old Bellona ones.

I've also taken the opportunity (via my wife Sandra) to top up a load of Fantasy figures from the old Grenadier ranges (now produced by Mirliton ) and RAFM . These haven't arrived yet - not very strange, only ordered the Grenadier ones yesterday.

Finally - and these have arrived - I also topped up some Reviresco nautical types to go with my 'Tealight Ironclads'.

This isn't one of my ships though - it's a cross between one of the Reviresco card models beefed up with balsa - an early, pre-tealight, attempt at a navy.

The tealight idea fits quite well for merchant ships. In fact, they were designed for 15/20mm rather than 28mm, so I may scale a merchant ship up a bit and do one on A3.

I keep saying to myself 'must get at least one article published this year' - done it last two years - and a scenario or range of scenarios including these might do the job as a follow up to Tealight Ironclads. I must also get round to designing the sides for a trireme fo a redo of Marathon.