Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Harry Payne - On and Off Duty, c1895

Harry Payne was a military artist and book illustrator. There is a Greewood and Ball connection here - back in the 70s Greenwood and Ball sold a set of postcards based on Harry Payne prints. One of the books Harry and his brother Arthur illustrated was 'On And Off Duty: Episodes of Military Life' - My copy of On and Off Duty is, frankly, a lousy copy, but... it's what I've got...

And the pictures are mostly reasonable(ish). Note that the pictures are not in chronological order, they follow the order in which they appear in the book - so one episode illustrated may be from an earlier period. I've included all the colour plates and some of the sepia plates - the book itself has 38 pages and every page has at least on picture. Perhaps at a later date I'll try and cover the sepia plates separately.

Front cover - text On And Off Duty by Captain J.Percy Groves, Illustrated by Harry Payne and Arthur Payne

Too big for my scanner... Dedicated by special permission to Field Marshal His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge K.G etc etc

Captain Home 1st Foot Guards attacked by 3 French Troopers 5th May 1811

Private  Royal Marine Light Infantry, Gunner Royal Marine Artillery, Drum Major Royal Marine Light Infantry 1890

Pontoons of the Royal Engineers on the march 1890

The Guard at Whitehall 2nd Life Guards 1890

The exploits at The Ovens, death of Lieut.H Tayon Rifle Brigade 20th Nov 1854

A Subaltern 10th Hussars

The first lesson Young officers ride 13th Light Dragoons 1840

Group of Native Indian Soldiers (mix of Bombay and Bengal)

 Capture of Derby the 1st, 30th March 1858, The 95th Derbyshire Regiment

Farrier Seig 2nd Life Guards 1890

Ye Three Drummers

Mounted officer of Grenadier Guards 1890

"In Ambush" Lancers reconnoitering

This picture of an Hussar in 1904 is not part of the book - it was simply found there!

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