Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Air support - helicopters

There are a number of nice cheap toy Chinese helicopters available. Some come in rather garish colours but a quick spray and painting the windows blue is quite effective.
Nice force of helicopters...

I didn't do any work on these apart from the quick paint job. Still some flash showing.

This one came in a very garish red colour - this still shows through a bit in places. I haven't the faintest idea how many of the  squares/rectangles along  the side are windows as well - I've just assumed that the  round cut-outs are the only windows along the side.

The single rotor helicopter fits nicely with the infantry - the twin bladed Chinook clone is a closer match to the tanks.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Garrison ECW

Just got back yesterday from a trip up North to collect some terrain boards from Robbie Rodiss (thanks for the boards). Anyway, the question of the Garrison ECW range came up - no pictures of them around so seems a good time to put pictures of some of them on the blog. Must start going through some of the other ranges...
EW4 standard bearer

EW5 musketeer in soft hat

EW6 musketeer in helmet

EW8 musketeer in plumed helmet - actually not sure about this one, must check!

EW9 pikeman in helmet receive cavalry

EW10 pikeman in charge pike position

EW12 pikeman in soft hat in reserve

EW22 officer in plumed helmet

EW23 drummer in helmet

EW24 officer in helmet

EW25 standard bearer in plumed helmet

ECW1 officer in hat

ECW3 Puritan officer/mounted dragoon

ECW5 Puritan trooper

ECW6 Ironside trooper

ECW8 cuirassier in open helm

ECW9 cuirassier officer

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Creatures featured

For more years than I care to remember I've been visiting Birmingham for specific reasons. Sandra and I decided it was probably about time we went to visit the place for a few days just to see the city. We just got back and...

Sealife Centre and Dudley Zoo - so lots of opportunity to continue my build up of various creatures.

The Sealife Centre provided some giant squid. Naturally, I now regret not getting more. Suppose could always call in at Hunstanton Sealife Centre and see if they have any.

Already have a load of 'small' giant ants, but who could resist the giant version?

I admit, this lot are just random.

And round it off with a giant preying mantis.
Newhaven and it's surrounding area just got a whole lot more dangerous.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Tank Force

The idea is to produce two toy soldier armies, simple paint schemes, quick, minimal work... On the other hand, I always wanted to try a grey tank camouflage scheme.

So of course I had to do the tanks in a time consuming scheme...
Size wise the tanks are more 1/72nd rather than the same scale as the infantry and rocket trucks. May even use them with 1/72nd figures at some stage.

I have to admit, the scheme looks effective.,

Trouble is, I've still got another 18 to do!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Rocket Trucks

Standard 99p for 2 Chinese toys, these rocket trucks look quite effective painted up. 'Towed Artillery' models are of limited use - they don't look all that good - so the various rocket trucks are going to have to do as anti-tank, anti-aircraft and field artillery. I have  2 variations  - one with 3 rockets and this one with a single missile.
Just noticed that I haven't painted a window on the left hand vehicle! Easily sorted.

Not sure whether they are better with or without red stars - these are just stuck-on paper stars. They do make the rocket truck a bit more detailed.

The rocket trucks fit in OK with the figures.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Retro Toys 60 soldiers

Wandered into a seaside gift shop and spotted this - thought '£2.50, why not'

They're down as 'World War II Soldiers' but if so I haven't the faintest idea what country! Probable best use would be some near-future conflict, definitely in the 'toy' range. I have checked and they can be bought online in both the UK and USA, just not at £2.50.
Box art has no similarity to the figures(though back of box does!)

Weapons on some figures are weird - no idea what the one in the middle is meant to be.

Minimal paint job and on 25mm bases they are... acceptable

Comparison between my 'normal' semi-flat Chinese types and these

Mixed unit - Retro Toys slightly shorter and a lot bulkier than the Chinese thin guys.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Halloween means...

... spiders.

This lot were infesting the local branch of Sainsburys - 8 for a pound.

Careful where you land... spaceships are a couple of TinTin figures I've just bought.

This could make an interesting Cthulhu type scenario.

As for going to church - Sarissa church 28mm scale. These things have a 65mm 'legspan'.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

And the cavalry have arrived

Though why it took 2 days longer than the infantry is anyone's guess!

OK, 30 cavalry, quality not brilliant and will need reworking. On the other hand, 30 42mm cavalry that are, at a push, usable now, for a total of £17.29 including postage! New Irregular cavalry are £4.50 each, so to buy 30 would be £135... so who's complaining about quality? - I can live with it.
30 cavalry, 5 units of 6, plus a few unpainted riders.

2 units of Prussian lancers, reasonable condition though some work needed on front unit - the head has come off one of them.

Front unit more Napoleonic than 1897ish but...

I'm guessing these are from the Schleswig Wars range and are nothing like the later Russians. Comes under 'toy soldiers' - and they look good (well, perhaps after a repaint...
 One problem. At the moment I'm on a 6mm terrain building thing...

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Repairs completed...

Though not sure how long the glue will hold on the rifle....

Meanwhile, cavalry haven't arrived yet.

Monday, 1 October 2018

1897 An EBay Order 1

I'm always on the lookout to put in bids for 'bargains'. Just arrived is the first of 2 'wins' - some 42mm Irregular Russian and Turkish troops (assume the next lot will arrive tomorrow) that I got for, really, very little.

This lot are all down as Russians.

While these are the Turks.

To be honest, personally I've no idea what the one in the green jacket is - so I'll accept the Russian tag for now..

There are 2 'Russian' guns, but again I'm not fully convinced.

There were quite a few bent rifles and fragile leg joints but only 2 broken figures as such.

So, discounting the 2 broken pieces, a total of 30 infantry/artillerymen and 2 guns, generally acceptable in most areas and requiring very little to get them in action. Bought from Irregular as new unpainted casting this would cost £69 excluding postage. Total I paid for this lot? £15.50 including postage - just over 22% of the new unpainted cost.

The next lot were an even better deal...