Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 20 August 2018

Early PB catalogue lists - 101+

When the PB ranges first came out they were a bit - confusing. Firstly, the Macedonian and Punic Wars figures are actually S Range. When first issued they came with an s tagged on the end of the code. Then, when the Imperial Rome range came out they simply continued from PB101 - but without the s. Later, the PB101+ figures were re badged as IR - but the codes didn't all tally with the 101 series - the IR series was quite a remodelling job.

So... saw some figures on EBay where the seller couldn't find the codes - early PB101+.  It seems to me it might be useful to have those 101+ listings available somewhere so I'm putting them on the Pages part of the blog. Meanwhile they're here as well.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Apocryphal Well moves 4-6

Which covers the first picture in the book and the first contacts in the game. Which means I'm going to have to do some typing...

This is how they should be at Move 5....

Which is not exactly how it has worked out.

Move 6 and lots of contacts. The combat factors used are basically DBA as are the results of combat .

Egyptian right the Assyrian heavies have contacted the Egyptian infantry.

Moving towards the centre the Egyptians spears have contacted the Assyrian Bw but not the Assyrian Ax.

The Egyptians have also hit the Ax and Bw on the Egyptian centre left.

Meanwhile the Egyptian Ax are heading for the Right flank Assyrian LH.

So.... Results... the Assyrian heavy cavalry are doing well.

These archers aren't.

Nor are the Assyrian Ax and Bw on their centre right.

Leaving this situation at the end of Move 6. The Assyrians have lost 6 elements, the Egyptians 4.

Apocryphal Well Moves 1-3.

The first thing that becomes obvious is that changing the well and hills to an oasis makes a big difference. The next thing is that the table isn't wide enough to allow for the various outflanking moves. So, perhaps another attempt at some time using smaller forces.

One thing - a lot easier sorting the photos out. Question, though - does it detract from either the pictures or the story?

 I think I'll just let  the pictures tell their own story.

As it stands, the first pictured move in The Ancient Wargame is Move 5. At that point there has been a lot of manoeuvring  that is simply proving impossible here. So, turning into a completely different battle even at this point. 

Still, see how later moves go.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Something a bit like the Battle of the Apocryphal Well -Set up

A bit like, trying to scale a 9'x7' battle down to 4'x4' table while using a different rule set and terrain...

OK, the Battle of the Apocryphal Well is one of the battles in The Ancient War Game.  Assyrians versus Egyptians, Egyptians won. Being a while since I've done any Ancients, I just felt that I wanted to do something, this won out over Thymbra which (hopefully) is not going to be that far off... As Thymbra will be an all-Garrison affair I decided it would only be right for The Apocryphal Well to be all-Minifigs. Most of the figures are ones acquired from Harry, the Assyrian Ax are an Internet buy and a lot of the Egyptian light archers are ones I bought, stripped and repainted.

One problem I've sometimes had in the past has been working out which moves were which when I tried to sort out the after-battle photos. I'm therefore trying something - labelling every move. This may be a benefit or it may be just too intrusive - soon see.

On scaling, I roughly halved the number of figures in each unit and converted that to the nearest(ish) DBA elements. It was a pretty rough series of estimates. As the Assyrians didn't originally have a general figure (?) I added an Assyrian general in a chariot and also gave the Egyptians an 'extra' chariot for their general - ie, they should have had 4 chariots, gave them 5. I also let the Assyrians have their full complement of Spears rather than half to help counterbalance the shortage of Assyrian element numbers and the fact that the Assyrian Spears are armoured whereas the Egyptians aren't. The final figure worked out at 35 Assyrian elements facing 42 Egyptians.

The initial set up
The Assyrians
The Egyptians

Most of the figures are straight from Harry's collection. The General's chariot is one of my conversions - cataphract horses, Garrison Assyrian chariot wheels, 2 of the crew converted Garrison with a Minifigs 'S' Range officer.
The Egyptian chariots.

Unit sizes aren't compatible with the requirement so the extra element needed has been provided by a slinger element.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

7YW Austrians

Always intended doing some 7YW armies but haven't got round to it yet. So when a reasonably painted army just came up on eBay it seemed a good idea to put a bid in - and no-one put in a second bid so I got it. Mostly Garrison, some Minifigs, couple of other manufacturers.

Just arrived today so I've only unpacked it, not much work needed on these and it's basically as much as I need in an army... so now it's really just a case of waiting for others to come up!

Monday, 13 August 2018

The 2018 holiday 'Theme'

Every holiday seems to develop it's own 'Theme'. This year it seems to have involved ... champagne!

Nice theme to have really. So, the story.

Got to duty free on the way out and decided to get a new watch. Wife Sandra also got some jewellery. Shop gave us half a bottle of champagne! We knew that there was a complimentary bottle in our cabin. Sandra was on a jewellery kick... and we got another bottle from the onboard shop. Entered a 'guess the price' competition - first 2 closest weren't there so it went to the third closest - another bottle. Towards the end of the cruise we were told we were getting another complimentary bottle from the ship.

Then, on the flight home - BA steward came around thinking it was Sandra's birthday. Pointed out it wasn't, worked out that it was an Americam/British language thing - assume they got the details from the American cruise firm so the day/month were reversed. Nice BA gave Sandra the complimentary birthday bottle of champagne anyway...

So, something like five and a half bottles of champagne, none of which we technically 'paid' for!

These are holiday themes I like!

Rose 20mm Napoleonics

This is a revised version of an earlier blog - originally put out without captions I've been asked to id some Rose figures and expanding this post seems the best way to answer the query! Basic thing to remember is that Rose horses didn't come with separate bases or reins.

Mainly French but including Wellington and a couple of Austrians. It's not a complete list of the Rose 20mm Napoleonics - perhaps someday I'll have a painting spree with them and get the whole range on here...

British cavalry MBR1 Horse Guard 1800-15

French MFR1 Dragoon

French MFR2 Carabinier 1810

French MFR4 French Hussar

French MFR5 Chasseur de la Garde

001 Wellington - though useful for others! This was a one piece casting though again had no base.

French gun and crew

Austrian officer AU4

French Grenadier advancing FR1

French gun crew FR10 Sergeant with linstock

FR9 French officer with shako

FR7 Carabinier advancing

FR6 Standard bearer

FR5 Drummer