Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 26 May 2017

A couple of old A13s

Having a general mooch around and came across these two.

No idea how long ago since I carved them, 40 years? - the guns, I remember, are needles from a sewing machine. That's about all I can remember about them.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Camels again

As a follow on to my last post the camels are finished. I did 6 and they don't have a driver (?) - probably should have done a couple more, but...

Anyway, turned out better than I possibly expected. Usually I would have these 3 to a base but I thought that would be a bit too congested. Might add shields all round to all of the figures as well.

Next ones to consider in this line would be fake elephants. These were supposed to have been used by the mythical Queen Semiramis of Assyria as part of an army invading India - the idea being that Assyrians didn't have any elephants and didn't want to feel disadvantaged. So perhaps I'll look at this possibility when I next look at the Garrison Assyrians.

Actually, thinking about it, the next camel unit will probably be one using the other Garrison camel rider.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Back to painting cavalry

Although there are digressions re infantry and paint stripping I should point out that I'm still continuing to build up the cavalry force. Basic painting system I'm using is grey undercoat then oversprayed with a couple of different browns to give the horse colour. After that, normal painting.

A couple of photos showing the 3 squadrons currently being processed.

  PEC3 is the cavalryman with spear and shield. Not the most authentic of figures, I'm painting loads of these up because they're on the same moulds of the ones I want.

PEC4 is going to be used in the later armies - dress would be more appropriate to earlier armies and is straight out of Funken.

PEC6 is supposed to be the cataphract figure. However, armament matches earlier cavalry with spear/bow/shield - so used as Early cavalry up to Cunaxa on an unarmoured horse. Might add a unit or two on armoured horses later.

Friday, 5 May 2017

In the pot (2) - Persian light cavalry conversions

Many years ago when I first bought Garrison I used to try and make my own moulds using the Tiranti system. I also went through a phase of producing various conversions. Two of these were Persian light cavalry figures based on the javelin/bow/shield figure - one horse archer, the other with two javelins. A unit of each was cast, painted and enrolled in the Royal Army.

Sadly, no more could be made and 'bought' moulds had other priorities. However, I'm going through another mould making phase - 4 moulds on order at the moment - and decided to build up these two figures. So I've been quietly stripping the paint off 6 of each and they're in the final phase...

The intention is to use 3 of each as cavalry masters and put the other 3 on bases as infantry masters - it's worked well with a lot of other cavalry figures and should give me some useful additions.

I wish Garrison had made professional versions of all these years ago...

Thursday, 4 May 2017

In the pot.

Sometimes you start painting a unit and you know the colours aren't right. In between cavalry units I thought I'd do another infantry unit but... colurs aren't right...

 So in the pot it goes.

And the pot joins all the other pots.

Why do I keep thinking that, one day, a bunch of miniature Martians or zombies is going to get out around here?

Monday, 1 May 2017

Garrison Camel Corps

Not many posts in April because I'm busy building up the Garrison Persian cavalry. One part of the cavalry that has been sadly neglected over the years has been the Camel Corps. I've now started to address that issue, so here is the first squadron finished.

Meanwhile, the some of the 'normal' cavalry are out as well. Still quite a way to go with these, - several more heavy cavalry units needed and I haven't really started on the lights yet.