Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Back to painting cavalry

Although there are digressions re infantry and paint stripping I should point out that I'm still continuing to build up the cavalry force. Basic painting system I'm using is grey undercoat then oversprayed with a couple of different browns to give the horse colour. After that, normal painting.

A couple of photos showing the 3 squadrons currently being processed.

  PEC3 is the cavalryman with spear and shield. Not the most authentic of figures, I'm painting loads of these up because they're on the same moulds of the ones I want.

PEC4 is going to be used in the later armies - dress would be more appropriate to earlier armies and is straight out of Funken.

PEC6 is supposed to be the cataphract figure. However, armament matches earlier cavalry with spear/bow/shield - so used as Early cavalry up to Cunaxa on an unarmoured horse. Might add a unit or two on armoured horses later.


  1. All those cavalry... a sight to gladden the heart. Just bought some secondhand SS Turanians at a decent price.

    1. Probably the last lot of these, still need a couple more Guard units - only got one at the moment - plus start organising the light cavalry. That's waiting on the new moulds arriving, which will also see me getting to work on Vanha swordsmen and javelinmen (if the moulds work!)