Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Return to Fort George - Amazing Ages

The last time I was in Fort George was in 1971. Landrovers, Bedford trucks and 3 25 pounders. We got there at night in the pouring rain. To be told 'Oh, didn't know you were coming, you're not booked in. We haven't got anywhere for you to stay - you can camp over there if you like.' Pointing to an area of foot deep grass. So pitching tents in the dark. Of course, OTC doesn't teach you to put the tents up. Found I was the only one in the sub unit that knew how to,,, so basically put up half adozen tents by myself, in the dark, in the rain...

OK, bit different this time. Still a few bouts of rain, but this time it was to visit an event called 'Amazing Ages'. People dressed up as Vikings, Medieval,Covenanters, Napoleonics,  WW1 and WW2 , etc..

Plus a look around the fort and it's museum, listening to live folk music (in Gaelic). And 3 people dropping in by parachute.

A pretty good day all round - even saw some dolphins swimming around in the Murray Firth.

The fort is pretty big so I'll just add a photo of the model at the entrance.

There is a museum with assorted weapons, uniforms, medals, etc.

Plus assorted weapons around the grounds.

The event itself included re-enactors, etc.

And an archaeological  tent.

Live music (in Gaelic).

And finally the parachute drop.

Excellent day even with the rain.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Scapa Flow - the Churchill Barriers

One of the summer activities has been a trip North. This included a visit to the Eastern Approaches at Scapa.

Originally protected by a series of block ships and assorted large items and concrete blocks, this wasn't wholly successful as demonstrated by the sinking of the Royal Oak by U-47. As a result, Churchill decided on a more permanent solution.

The result was a series of 5 barriers to close the approaches.Started in 140, they were finally completed in 1944. As they were built by Italian prisoners of war, and as prisoners of war were not supposed to be used to built military works, they were listed as 'improving communictions' and roads were put on top of 4 of them.

Note Wikipaedia claims only 4 were built - forgetting about the one that didn't get a road!

The barriers themselves don't look like much - basically causeways that have closed off direct entry to the sea.

 Quite a few of the blockship remains are still present.

Sorry about the photo quality - coach windows in the way!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Thebes (pretty boring really)

I've never been able to paint convincing clubs on shields. To relieve the monotony I tried some with Hercules as the shield blazon instead but that didn't really help. On the other hand, 7/8 hoplite elements suffice, so a couple of armoured infantry as Sacred Band will do - not sure if I'll do a full 4 element Sacred Band unit.

One problem of fixing figures on bases randomly is that it sometimes goes a bit wrong - hadn't intended to put 3 Hercules figures on the same base. Not sure I like the black silhouette version.

On the other hand, the clubs aren't much better.

So, another 24 figures waiting to be painted - probably as Athenians. That gives me a range of shield blazons - obviously alpha and owls, probably also some bull heads to represent the Minotaur and Theseus, perhaps a few with triremes to represent the wooden walls... seems a lot more interesting than Thebes.

Friday, 11 August 2017

This is... Sparta!

This is the first 'Line' unit for my Late Spartan DBA army - 6 elements, up to 5 more needed!

Initially I'll probably do 4 elements using the infantry version of GC3, the armoured cavalry figure, and call it the Hippeis. After that, another 6 elements of these. So about another 40 Spartan infantry at least. Actually I'll do an extra element so that I have 2 command elements plus a spare spears element - that way I can use them as 2 x 6 element units or 1 x 12 element full size unit. At that point I would also have to decide whether to do the next 6 element units with a red or black Lambda! I intend to cast quite a few of these figures

The bronze shields work well with Spartans as befitting a professonal body - non-Spartans will generally be with coloured shield faces. Possibly.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Random Persians as Cardace infantry

Random unit consisting of Persian cavalry pretending to be infantry - one of the units prepped and painted during the casting drought. I've got loads of infantry suitable as Ax, very few later looking types as Sp, so decided to mount these as Cardace infantry. They should be pure spearmen rather than double armed as bow, but if you don't look too closely...

I'll just put them directly as an option in my Late Achaemenid army rather than have them join the main army.

All the shields are basically a central boss with a radiating  motif. Could be flowers, could be stars. Could be just a pattern with no real purpose.

The tunics are supposed to look like 'late' rather than 'early' designs.

And so on to Spartans and Thebans...