Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 11 August 2017

This is... Sparta!

This is the first 'Line' unit for my Late Spartan DBA army - 6 elements, up to 5 more needed!

Initially I'll probably do 4 elements using the infantry version of GC3, the armoured cavalry figure, and call it the Hippeis. After that, another 6 elements of these. So about another 40 Spartan infantry at least. Actually I'll do an extra element so that I have 2 command elements plus a spare spears element - that way I can use them as 2 x 6 element units or 1 x 12 element full size unit. At that point I would also have to decide whether to do the next 6 element units with a red or black Lambda! I intend to cast quite a few of these figures

The bronze shields work well with Spartans as befitting a professonal body - non-Spartans will generally be with coloured shield faces. Possibly.

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