Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Pages update

Says it all really - I've had a blitz and added a load of old catalogue pages to the Pages section of the blog.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Philistine DBA (Plus a few extras)

I've spent the last week or so painting up some of my stripped Philistine infantry to form a DBA army. As I prefer to make complete units it means I also have a few 'extra' figures completed.

Using DBA 2.2 lists, I/29(b), the army reads as 1 x LCh (Gen), 1 x LCh, 6 x 4Sp, 2 x 3Ax, 2 x 2Ps.

My chariots and ox cart have already appeared on the blog.

Spears are A.Ph. 1s Philistine spearmen with shields painted plain bronze. I used the same figure for the 3Ax but simply gave them mainly hide shields.

The archers are A.Ph 2s Philistine Archer. No A.Ph.3s Philistine Officer - not aware of it being produced though I have a couple of Spearmen  conversions still in the Dettol.

This is my current complete army with the exception of a 4 element unit of Cv I painted back in the 70s - army list Philistines and Sea Peoples don't have cavalry so they are currently being neglected.

I've still got a load of figures in Dettol - these will mostly be painted and based as 3Bd for armies I/28 Sea Peoples and I/29(a) earlier Philistines. For the Sea Peoples armies I'll need some Sherden as 4Bd. There isn't an 'S' Range figure though I have a few later EA Range ones. However, what I intend doing is use it as an excuse to paint up some of my Rose Sherden.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Philistine ox cart

Working on my usual practice of several projects at the same time, my Philistine army has a new addition.

At the moment I only have this one, though I do have another cart sans oxen. Could do with a couple more though.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Some Indian Elephants

A couple of years ago I blogged about an Indian force I had acquired.

Since then, I've painted up a few chariots (the ones that had the slight accident with the wrong spray can) and sprayed lots of infantry brown. Also found a couple of extra horses so the new chariots are up to 3 now.

So, the Indians I had included a few more elephants. Four of these are now painted and based.

Nothing fancy - the elephants themselves are mainly just sprayed grey.

A comparison between the 'original' elephants and the new batch shows both elephants and base are much lighter on the new figures  than the  old. Not a major concern - it's not being looked on as a 'showcase' army.

Thought I'd also include a couple of pictures of the general in his howdah.