Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 16 September 2019

A Seleucid/Antigonidish dust up.

Just liked the idea of using elephants and chariots so threw together nominal Seleucidish and Antigonidish armies - didn't bother about 'accurate' armies or balanced sides. For the table I just cleared a 4' frontage. As usual, rules were generally modifies DBA, to a degree the added ranks were more for show - pikes got a +1 for extra ranks but that's it. I gave 4Kn an extra factor, the Syrian 1 shot wonders a -1 plus needing 4/5/6 to stand if charged. I also used my usual tree system to mark which move I was on. A lot of the figures I used were from my original 70s armies - just wanted to give them a game - though with quite a few more recent additions.
Obvious tactics as each right flank tries to advance and left flank holds backs - more obvious with Antigonids at the bottom.

Move 2 the Antigonid and Seleucid centres are close.

Still a way to go on the other flank.

Initial contact one of the Seleucid chariots died...

But it's move 3 when things happen...

With contact right across the front.

The left flank Seleucid peltasts and Syrian archers die.

Some bouncing of Seleucids in the centre.

While the Seleucid right takes out the Thracians and light javelins. Crucially, the elephant is just pushed back so the flank just holds.

As can be seen here, that elephant is doing it's job - it's an effective block to the Seleucid right, while on the Seleucid left the Antigonids now have a free passage.

And on move 4 the Seleucid phalanx and elephant are in serious trouble while the Antigonid cavalry are coming around the back of the Seleucid army.

Two lots of light infantry from my mid 70s army - and the Antigonid Cretan archers lose to the Seleucid light javelins - only bright spot on the Seleucid left.

At this point the Seleucid centre and left are gone though the Seleucid right is still intact. At this point, seems reasonable to end things as an Antigonid victory.


Saturday, 14 September 2019

Tickling Contest update

Finger puppets arrived from China, bought some feathers but still haven't done anything about the score boards - realistically this lot will probably be ready for Christmas!

Friday, 13 September 2019

1897 - A Cadet Commander battle.

First attempt at a Cadet Commander battle - originally I had intended to make it a more 'historical'(?) Franco-Prussian War encounter until I realised non of my Prussians had standards! Later, perhaps.
Initial set up, French win initiative roll and get to move first.

The A5 score board has been set up to act as a quick reference sheet - I'm just using standard 1-6 dice at the moment.

Both sides went for an attacking strategy.

And clash in the middle with the French trying an outflanking movement behind the trees.

Both sides have lost a man, both sides are on 3 victory points left, but the French are starting to sneak past.

But the game ended when the French rolled to go first on move 7/8 - and promptly took the last 3 victory points. A win for the French.

Fun game, not exactly serious but could lead to me doing some sort of 'mini league' - British, French, Prussians and Russians. I'm also thinking about the possibility of doing an A4 hex board, smaller figures and then being able to put the whole game in an A4 box... And thinking about standards, just remembered that I've got a load of those toy stand alone flags in the toy soldiers box that I could paint up anyway.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

I wasn't going to buy these yet...

It's just that, when I looked over the Elheim website after I bought the last Elheim lot I realised that some of their figures weren't Elheim, were being discontinued, and they didn't have many left. So I sent my next Elheim order in early...
This is the Force 20 lot I wanted to quickish. For 1/72nd they seemed very small.

Also got a load of other actual Elheim figures.

This is the important picture. It shows that the '1/72nd' Force 20 figures fit in well with the '1/76th' scale Langley seamen. Which is what I want really.

Monday, 9 September 2019

1/72nd Elheim figures

More figures for my 'smaller' Pulp games. The figures are  from Elheim and are 1/72nd, not 1/76th, so can be expected to be bigger that Langley figures. This is generally true but some of the Elheim figures show a bit of variation in size so overall they mix well.
These are PO6, professor, nurse, scientist and patient. I think the scientist is supposed to be holding a hypodermic syringe or something.

This lot are from DS01, Force 20 historical Port of Call figures.

Looking further into it turns out they aren't Elheim figures, but made by a US company called Force 20...

Elheim seem to have been making them under licence but the range is being discontinued!

More Force 20 figures - more are on order before they become hard to obtain in the UK.
Force 20 are owned by Covert Intervention Games in the US.  However, they are also advertised by TheHobbyDen so I assume can be ordered from there as well.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

A few more Langley sailors

Still quietly building up 1/76th figures - at less than a pound each and only needing quite small numbers it's going well. A lot quicker and cheaper than 28mm figures!

Not exactly the most detailed paint job, but fit for purpose. Still quite a few Langley figures to go... 

I would love some of their boats but this one costs £131.10... but out of budget for wargaming purposes!

And this one a bit less at £68! Nice, and I'm tempted to think about them... but, for my purposes?... still tempted, and there are others as well... hate temptation.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Assorted Fishmen

To be honest, I consider these to be amongst my worst paint jobs.  However, it seems only fair to include them in the blog as they're playing their part in the Mythos. Besides, they look OK at a distance!
I've got enough walking and swimming fishmen for most scenarios.
Badly painted swimmers plus a body. Reviresco Gillmen.

Some bigger fishmen. This lot are RAFM deep ones.

I think these are all Reviresco...

Still got a few more to paint up. Don't know why I've painted the bases on the walking fishmen blue rather than green or grey.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Hereward 2019

Went there on Sunday but getting tied up with other things plus lots of my photos didn't come out well... So delayed and not as much to post as I would have liked.
Lots of space, not even a little bit crowded.

All the hall pictures that were usable came from the same hall...

Lots of Stars Wars stuff around...

...To be fair, it was a tournament...

RAF Cranwell were there with their tickling game and Cadet  Commander. Couldn't get Sandra to play though :(

They also had a game about the Great Emu War!

Lots of the games from Partizan were there - though, not as many of course. This was the witch racing one.

Historical games were well represented.

And some nice eye candy.

They even had sheep.

Plus bacon and sausage baps - without queues.

And I even bought something to store my paints in!