Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 13 May 2018

1897 The Prussians are coming, Hurrah, Hurrah

In a rash moment I ordered some of the Zinnfiguren moulds. Is this cost effective? Not really, but I do like fielding at least some figures I've cast myself. The moulds aren't due to arrive for a while yet - they're out of stock at the moment and I'll have to wait for a fresh batch - so in the meantime I've decided to paint up some of my ebay purchase as Prussians/Germans. In the 1897 Great War Germany sided with the Empire.

With the best will in the world I can't pretend that they are anywhere near the standard of the Spencer Smith or Irregular figures, but still...

The trousers on the photos look white whilst they are actually painted light grey!

Not sure yet, but might supplement these units with Irregular standard bearers.

The close up shows one way I've been painting these wrongly - really must put the left hands in the right position across the body instead of painting the hands as pouches! A repaint of this area  is now scheduled. I never noticed this when I painted the British units!


  1. The marching figure is my least favourite from the range. My favourite is the guy running at the trail.

    1. With dropcasting rather than spincasting I'm betting they'll be easier to cast though. Haven't ordered the trail mould - did order artillery crew and firing figures. It's a case of see how they work out. Looking at the rifles on these figures I won't pretend to be super hopeful.

  2. They look like they mean business.