Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

1897 First contact

To start off, this is basically a 'new' period for me so it's a matter of finding a set of oldish style rules that work or can be adapted. Probably got lots lying around, going to start by a try it and see strategy based on rules in Donald Featherstone's Lost Tales and Charlie Wesencraft's Practical Wargaming.

Simple idea - French light cavalry arrives on board, find road blocked and tries to 'bounce' the defenders - assumption being that if the defenders are poorly trained militia they could panic and run. Except it's a line brigade.

So, how can this setup go. Bearing in mind I'm trying things out rather than strictly following either set.

Firstly light cavalry do standard move (in this case I've used 12") then stop for morale and shooting casualties. I did shooting first, then morale of light cavalry, then morale of each infantry unit.

What happened?

 Firstly, 6 infantry fired on cavalry (could have been more) - 1 die per 3 figures, rolled 1,2, no casualties on cavalry.

Next, both infantry and hussars rolled for pre-battle morale factors of 2. Infantry in cover so goes up to 3. Cavalry rolled 3 on a dice, checked morale table for score of 5 and... morale wavering, advancing unit will halt!!!

Checked morale of Line Infantry next - 3, dice roll 3, total 6, good morale obey orders. Fusiliers rolled 1, total 4... morale collapsing, standing unit will run!!!
So, as the Zouves appear on the battlefield I'm thinking - going to be a short battle,  really must do something about the morale rules before  battle number 2. Meanwhile, we'll see how this one plays out. (Note: Zouves actually placed on table before I tested for Fusilier morale.)

A note on movement. I've simply gone for (standard/charge) Infantry 6",9", Heavy Cavalry 8",12", Light Cavalry 12"/18" - it's based more on my past experience rather than any need for total accuracy. Back in my  early WRG Ancients days the heavy infantry move of 4" just didn't work, 6" as a basic infantry move did, so I'm using that 6" now.


  1. Yikes! Fusiliers firing a shot and running away without being seriously threatened? Maybe the French assumptions were right!

    The first couple of 'trying things on' games are usually interesting.