Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

1897 Royal Glasgow Yeomanry

Or similar....

Based on this figure from:

This photo shows how useful enlarged photos are - the black needs retouching on a couple of figures, hadn't noticed on the model itself.

The blue uniform with red facings is, I admit, a favourite colour scheme of mine. Which is why I like the artillery figures I suppose...

The figure this is based on is wearing gauntlets so I've guessed at the cuffs - although an actual guess would have  involved a bit more gold. Plain cuffs are easier.

I've got a sort of convention with these figures. Light Horse and mounted infantry carry a carbine and use them, 'heavier' dragoons carry a sword and charge. In fact the British army of the time didn't have any mounted infantry - however, in time of war mounted infantry were supposed to be raised and horses were kept at various places to provide mounts.

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