Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 5 May 2018

1897 Irregular Miniatures painted figures

As the 1897 project continues to swing wildly out of control I decided I needed to supplement my own efforts by ordering some painted figures direct from Irregular Miniatures.

My only suggestions re painting these figures were:

"Couple of painting notes – with these, I use a white undercoat, bases are olive green with all parts glued to figure before painting. Figures are toy soldier/block colours. For the zouaves, my use of Vallejo dark blue for standard infantry is not really relevant. They are going to be used as 2 units, would appreciate one unit with red trousers, one unit with light blue. Cavalry horses I paint flat brown with black manes, tails and legs, 4 white stockings and white blaze. Chasseurs are for my 1897 armies by which time the jacket and kepi were light blue, not green.

Please note that the above are notes to help make figures by you compatible with my own – guidelines to be used as a tool, I have no wish or intention to say ‘this is how it must be done!’"

So, questions to look at:

Am I happy with them? (yes)
Do they match the limited brief?
How much retouching, etc, is needed?

Always liked French Dragoons (and Curassiers). Nicely painted figures with a bit more detail than I use - for example on the heads/helmets and eyes. A couple of horses will need retouching as the paint has partially rubbed off.

On my 'brief' I pointed out that, for the period I'm covering, the tunics were now light blue. Does it matter that the ones provided are the old green colour? Not a bit.

Really like the Hussars. When asked which Regiment I wanted, my comment was just generic, perhaps a dark blue uniform. Dark blue they are. One sword was threatening to snap - used a bit of superglue, should  have sorted that.

These were quite nicely done - some of the rifles a bit twisted and paint rubbed off hats (in particular see back nearside figure) - but this is something I deal with all the time with my own figures. Easily sorted.

Asked for 2 units, one with red pantaloons, one light blue. Done.

As can be seen, match well with my own - though I might feel the urge to add a bit more detail to my kepis!

 So, overall a nice purchase. When I get round to sorting the Russian forces I think that at least some them (possibly most) will have the painting outsourced to Irregular. Also, might add a few more generic cavalry figures.

Next job, retouching paintwork and basing figures. Which means the British mounted infantry and general I'm currently working on will be pushed to one side for a bit.


  1. Got email from Irregular saying sorry and offering to repaint the Chasseurs or send couple of free figures - both offers declined, I'm quite happy with what I got - but says a lot for Irregular and their idea of customer service that they made the offer. Much appreciated Ian.