Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 10 May 2018

1897 The next phase.

OK, so now the French main body is starting to arrive and get into position.

This shows the French sorting themselves out. The light cavalry have decided to leave the assault on the barricade to the infantry. As such, the Hussars have settled in a nice safe - I mean, er, as a flank guard, whilst the Zouves are starting to line up for their assault. The Chasseurs are looking at the right flank of the British. They are facing the bandstand regiment and about to be joined by the heavy cavalry.

Meanwhile the Fusileers failed morale again and have left the battlefield.

While the right flank Regiment, feeling a little bit exposed and realising that they need to move, passed their morale test and are heading towards the Manor House.

At this point, do I continue this skirmish? I've learnt that morale needs work, movement works, possibly tweak firing. Didn't get a melee in, which I would have liked, or get to field artillery - but overall it has been a useful learning exercise.

Still not sure whether to continue and see how it plays out or perhaps reset the scenario with 'new' morale rules. It's actually also worth noting one recurring feature of both my and my son's games - our natural ability to roll 1s and 2s on a die.


  1. That's looking lovely.

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