Assyrian army

Assyrian army

The Army and Navy Album (1880-1900?)

This album is undated, but looks to be about the 1880s-1890s. Could even be as early as 1870 or so - doubtful though as the artist would have been about 14 then... The artist was Richard Caton Woodville Jr.

Being a photo album, there are spaces for photos and as a result some pictures in the album are previewed on an earlier page!

Drum Major of the Guard in State Dress

Royal Horse Artillery

1st Life Guards

Grenadier Guard and Drummer

The HMS Triumph - looks like the 1870 Triumph rather than the 1903 version.Actually, doesn't really look like either, but mostly more of a broadside vessel rather than fully fledged pre-dreadnought.

5th Dragoon Guards, North British Dragoon Guards (Scots Greys)

Field Artillery - interesting how light the uniform is depicted,

5th and 17th Lancers

Armstrong gun and sailors.

Royal Engineers

11th Hussars

Rifle Brigade. Could be as early as 1871? Such an early date doubtful as the artist was very young then!

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