Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Prussian line infantry

First unit finished, part way through another one (though slightly distracted by painting some 42mm Prussian 1897 figures).
Think helmet looks bare - should have added a white ring in the centre of them. Possibly later.

Although I have a standard bearer there wasn't a standard officer so I've used the Austrian officer with oak leaves cut off.

Flag has no significance - just a random Prussian flag, think it was actually Landwehr.

Haven't glued the command base figures down yet. No excuse/reason...

Having said that, the infantry figure on the base has a slightly different blue uniform - it was my original test figure. On balance, I prefer that blue to the one I used for the unit...

Thursday, 26 March 2020

"Garrison Miniatures space ships" on TMP

Someone asking about Garrison Miniatures spaceships on TMP - walked from there years ago so can't answer the guy - so if anyone would like tp point out we stopped trading in 2014 and no, no-one else sells them - they're out of production.

COVID At Risk register

I'm officially on it - got the letter today. Basically 12 weeks house arrest/solitary - which is a lot better than the alternatives and, in theory, gives me priority access to things like food and meds deliveries. On the other hand, if I get it and there's a shortage of respirators other 'fitter and more likely to survive' patients are liable to get priority...

Meanwhile, the crisis is certainly sorting some things out. Disgusted by some companies who I will boycott after this is over - Wetherspoons, Sport Direct, to name some. were used for the hotel for Salute - it was a no return deal. Hotel then posted that it was offering full refunds, go to very hard to get through to them, emails not answered etc... so went to hotel chain head office, money refunded straight away, no quibbles... then get email from saying basically any possible refund would involve a fee... I sent them a very sharp reply.

So, Chamberlain Hotel full marks!

Meanwhile... had ordered plenty of metal to keep me busy, arrived yesterday, ordered more bases as I've run out, looking at ordering more stuff online to keep sane over the next 12 weeks...

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Officially on lock down...

Being in one of the 'high risk' categories, I won't be leaving the house for the next twelve weeks. Well, by house I include garden etc...

Starngely, at a time when most people are losing their jobs or being laid off my hours are going up! With school closures, the tuition I'm doing is continuing as distance learning - except we're consolidating. Still getting new kids to teach, so staff are being reallocated with the result I'm getting more hours because I'm not able to go out. Because some of the kids aren't either, so both of the kids I'm teaching are staying in - and I'm taking over more of their curriculum.

So my hours have gone up... well, let's face it, I'm not doing anything else.

Apart from Prussians. And some cavalry. And probably a few other things.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Russian Cuirassier squadron

Though would double up as a Prussian squadron at a push...
Cuirassiers and Dragoons, led by the original test figures.

Again, quite happy the way they turned out.

At a distance, even the (painted on) holster caps look OK.

So, to put things in context:

I've got Russian heavy cavalry, Prussian hussars, a couple of Austrian cannon with one crew... As yet neither the British or French have a decent complement of infantry and the British are still short of cavalry... and the French (or possibly the Allies) have a Bavarian artillery stand...

So I'm currently trying to paint a unit of Dragoon Guards for the British as well as painting another infantry battalion. Naturally, it's Prussian...

And the Dragoon Guards were meant to be Scots Greys - I had forgotten they wore bearskins - a later conversion job? Can't have a British army without the Scots Greys, wouldn't be right.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Salute? No thanks.

Not this year. It hasn't been cancelled yet but with gatherings over 500 expected to be banned it will go anyway...

But approaching 68 and with quite bad underlying health problems I don't think it would be a sensible option for me... so didn't book any tickets for it... and quite prepared to take the hit on cancelling hotel... which cost is written off/spent whether I go or not anyway.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Russian Dragoon squadron

First painted figures from the new mould are now finished. Meanwhile, cuirassiers only a day or two behind and Scots Greys have been undercoated. Must do some infantry ...
Not really a lot to say about them - they seem to have turned out OK- swords still a bit iffy.