Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Garrison ECW

There's been some recent interest on TMP recently about the old Garrison 25mm  English Civil War range. That being the case, I thought it might be an idea to dig out some of my photos of some of the figures in the range.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Mede DBA army

Finally finished though the cavalry component will be subject to change...

I admit, the first picture is not a DBA army, but shows all the units the army has been drawn from. There are still a couple more Mede units left to rebase, plus a load of Persians who will form the , well, Persian DBA component..

This is the DBA army - I/40(c) 1xLCh, 3x3Cv, 1x2LH, 4x4Sp, 2x3Bw, 1x2Ps

As shown previously, general in his chariot.

The 3Cv are as bought, just standard bearer added, spears touched up and based.

Another 'as previously seen' -in parts - unit, the 4x4Sp.

And 2x3Bw

The LH and Ps bases are both simply rebased.

All figures except the chariot body (Garrison) and LH (Pb Range) are Minifigs 'S' Range. Chances are, the LH will be swapped for 'S' Range Scythians whereas the 3Cv will be transferred to the Persian DBA army I'll probably sort next whilst being replaced by 'upgraded' 'S' Range Assyrian horse archers.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Upgrading the Mede infantry units

Not really an accurate title - more 'upsizing'.

I'm busy trying to paint up figures to convert 40 and 20 figure Mede units to match my 48/24 strong units.

I've added a Garrison officer and 'S' Range converted standard bearer.

This is a comparison between 'my' standard bearer and the original. The original's standard had originally been glued to the hand; I preferred a direct conversion.

The original unit's spearmen had all been converted in the sense that the shield arm had been repositioned. I left mine in the original figure pose.

The archer unit got a Garrison officer and standard bearer. For the cloaks, the leopard skin is shown with the spots on the inside - read about this somewhere, not sure where, so did it to give some variety. I'll make a point of mixing and matching this in future figures.

This is a comparison between one of 'my' archers and one of the 'originals' - the match is quite good though I didn't bother with the black lining - it doesn't make a lot of difference. The blue colour also matches better on the figures than they seem to do on the photo.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

What do I do with these?

This little lot were part of the mass of figures I bought off Harry. Harry gives a brief history of this interesting part of the trove - some archers were used 'as is', some I repainted, some Nubian archers were used in units mixed with a load I bought elsewhere and either used 'as is' or painted to match, leaving this lot.

Trouble is, these spearmen are too interesting to repaint plus don't fit in with any of my 4 Divisions.  Perhaps I'll put them on green bases and incorporate them into my Persian army. Another possibility would be to use them in the Ptah Division. after all.

 The shield patterns are interesting.

The archers I just can't think of a use for at all! One quirky feature of these figures is a white line running down the front of the nose. Another  quirky feature of the unit as far as I am concerned is that I use this figure as either a Pharaoh or as officers. So quite a strange unit.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Ptah Division - a work in progress.

Mirroring the Egyptians themselves I'm placing my Egyptian army in 4 Divisions. The Amun Division has already been covered. Ptah is actually the 4th Division and I've put it as the 'levy and Nubians' Division. Originally they were supposed to have just a standard chariot unit but that could have meant leaving the Pharaoh a bit light. On that basis, Pharaoh took the 1st Chariot unit, all the others got bumped up a Division and Ptah finished up with nothing. Seemed too good an opportunity to miss - so Kushite Pharaoh/subordinate King plus Kushite chariot unit painted up.

The Division is quite a bit bigger than this - these are just the recently based or painted units. Most of the rest are finished but not quite accessible at the moment - it's a decorating thing.

The newly painted bits are the Kushite subordinate King (well, at least until 745BC) and the Division's chariot force.

Every Division has a unit of cavalry 'scouts'. In the case of the Ptah Division  they are mounted on Garrison horses.

And the main infantry force consists of Nubian/Kushite archers. Being the last unit based, these are the 'poorer' painted/condition figures in the Division. Others include this lot.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Some for the future

Apart from figures bought for a specific purpose I'm also collecting some for future use. These are a couple of units bought off ebay that are not completely assigned to an army.

This lot are Palmyran cataphracts. I'm looking for Successor cataphracts but these do at a push. They will probably appear as Parthians, Late Romans and Byzantines in the future. I doubt that they will be repainted - they look OK as they stand.

Talking about Byzantines...  these will need repainting. In fact, another unit from the same source is in the Dettol already. A generic Byzantine/Late Roman force is on my 'to do ' list but will need more figures.