Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

French battalion finished

Should be enough of the single based French line colonial infantry for pulp uses.

Figures are a mix of Rose infantry with Jacklex officer and standard bearer. Flag just a basic paper tricolour from the internet - download flag, copy, reverse copy, put them together so that I finish up with both sides. Again, nothing fancy on this lot, just basic wargames standard. Future figures will be for the element based army.


Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Panzer IIIN

From Steven:

I finished a platoon of Panzer III Ns yesterday. I have continued use of colour modulation and working on weathering techniques. I think these are a bit better than the Panzer IIs. Using decals for the numbers and balkankreuze worked a lot better. 

 I have painted a lot of grey and brown recently, so I might mix it up a bit and try painting some of those Garrison Admins you sent me recently. I will aim for a bright, bold and cartoonish look.

Monday, 3 October 2022

Devils in skirts

I've finished this unit so it can be fielded in two different formats. Here it is basically ordered as three separate units - perhaps three companies in a battalion, or three battalions in a regiment, or three regiments in a brigade! The officer in the kilt then acts as the senior officer.

And here the extra command groups have gone to give a 24 figure unit with one command group.

So I have a total of four officers and three pipers.

As for the other ranks... those tartans and stockings are enough to make me never do a Scottish unit again! The 42mm Scots are much easier!

 So that leaves me with one lancer squadron to finish this 'army'. I doubt that I will do a version of this army based on elements - I'll leave that to 20mm.

Saturday, 1 October 2022

Couple of Chinese buildings.


OK, One building, one statue. With all the Chinese figures I'm making I needed a bit of architecture!

The building was off ebay - nice size and scaled OK for 20 to 28mm! Should be a very useful piece of terrain.

This rather imposing structure came from our local aquarist store. Again, should be useful for a number of scenarios.

In terms of figures, 28mm individual ones should be finished for quite a while apart from 'monsters'. 20mm for larger scale battles - got a prototype hopping vampire, actual army...  Jaclex are supposed to be bringing out a range of Colonial era Chnese this month, so that should provide a good basis.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Other countries - 20mm French Colonial

The Rose Colonial British are actually quite versatile - pity there were only 4 figures in the range (plus a casualty!). The officer is Jacklex.

Here I've simply painted the Rose figures up with blue tunics and red trousers. The French (and just about everyone else) seem to have had a lot of colour variations. In their case, different blues, sometimes including the trousers, Trousers could also be (possibly mostly?) white.

To a certain extent it would be easy to use lots of different schemes for an army. Here, I think a more stylised blue tunic/red trousers is better than a mix. My intention is to get the 'full' battalion of these on single bases witjin the next few days - though currently working on the 25/28mm Scottish Colonial battalion at the moment. I'll probably start doing both at the same time - Scots take a long time because of all those tartan kilts!

Having said that, the Rose ACW figures make quite good French in this scale. Next to him, the all blue figure suits as either Royal Marines or Germans. Of course, Germans could also be produced by painting the figure khaki!

There are lots of other variations possible. Add in the use of Jacklex figures and I've got quite a project/projects ahead of me in this scale.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

42mm Russian Army Review

Finished the next battalion of the 1897 Russian force and think that should do for now. Touching up the British figures can wait a bit longer.

Infantry on the left are the newly completed ones. Nice thing about this army is that I didn't need to paint half of it! My total committment consisted of 2 infantry units, 1 cavalry squadron and 2 guns.

Left flank, only figure I painted myself if the gun! Gun crew, both infantry units and both cavalry squadrons are 'as bought' except for the bases!

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Been to the dentists...

Got to Wisbech a bit early so wandered around for a bit. Went into a PC Games shop and...

This one reminded me of the ships from the city of Titanica from Stingray. Couldn't resist, and will provide the various sea peoples I have for the pulp games with some transport. Not very Lovecraftian but...

Haven't a clue what I'll be using this flyer for but looks like a good way for the citizens of the future to get around in.

There were loads of these in different colours and (similar) styles. Uses could include Cyberpunk/Steampunk engine core or some strange device in a Cultish temple. Could easily be the most useful of the three. I can even see it as a 'statue' in the grounds of Miskatonic U. - until someone 'activates' it.

As an aside, teeth OK apart from getting cleaned, next visit in six months.