Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 15 November 2019

Tin plate Assyrian chariot based.

Says it all really. I've also based the 'Carthaginian' Assyrian light archers.
Shown together with the first one I painted.

Being line chariots instead a 'general' I've used a much plainer style for the chariots.

The archers go to form two units of 12 and fill in quite a gap in my Minifigs Assyrian army.

Still quite a lot of figures to be based, including another 48 Indian archers.

Meanwhile I decided to to upgrade the early Greek hoplites with the white bird shield blazon to 48 (nearly finished), plus completed another 48 Indian archers, and have undercoated a unit of Saitic heavy cavalry (slightly modified PB Indians on Garrison horses) and another 24 Indian javelins.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

More Indians - javelins

Done (but haven't based) the unit of javelinmen.
Same shield type as for the chariots, basically quick paint job apart from that - background is light green which doesn't really show on the picture.

I've also done a few figures to act as officers for units - could (should?) have given these standards, it would be easy but the idea of this army is speed rather than quality so didn't happen.

Next lot up is another archers unit. I have also got a cavalry unit being undercoated - but I've cut off the (can't describe it, the front rolled part of the headband?). The figures have been put on Garrison horses and will be joining my Saitic Egyptian army as heavy cavalry!). This leaves me with 36 earlier cavalry riders with thick javelins and about 30 later ones with (mostly broken) thin javelins. These will probably provide another 2 units of Indian medium cavalry and a Saitic light cavalry unit. Need more horses.

Also to do are another 24 javelins - probably as a 12 figure LI unit and 12 figure LMI mercenary  javelin unit. Still to be decided.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Indian 4-horse 6-crew chariots.

So, at 6 days three chariots took twice as long as that load of infantry and cavalry - though to be fair I have based them.
Mainly because I took a bit more care and also added more detail to them.

Plus it does represent 18 people and 12 horses - takes a lot more than 2-horse 2-crew chariots.

View of the crew - shield designs total fantasy but look good. I may end up doing a javelin unit with a similar shield design.

Likewise the chariots - pure fantasy but I like them!

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Painting some Indians

Been busy last few days... lots of Indians archers and cavalry sorted, still more to do. One thing about Indians - wargames paint the flesh in all different shades ranging from flesh to black. The ones I've been doing to match the army I got from Harry use Vallejo medium flesh; for the ones I'm doing now I've painted brown to give a range of skin tones.A quick search shows they were given their brown spray nearly 3 years ago!

70 odd archers and 24 cavalry so far. Not bad for about 5 days work.

Extra heavy cavalry had already been started and were finished using the same flesh colour as the 'main' army.

Light cavalry mounted on Garrison horses - I've got a lot of Minifigs Indian horses but I'm keeping most of them back for chariots. Light cavalry rather than mediums - already got a couple of units of medium cavalry, will no doubt be painting more!
Infantry very simple basic wargames figures , no frills and quite roughly painted.

Still got a lot of poor quality painted figures to sort.

However, at the moment concentrating on getting more unpainted figures done.
One thing is that I haven't done an Indian army Review since I bought the original army, just various chariots and elephants as they were added. So probably do a full Review when I've got more figures painted and based.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Garrison G3 Hoplite Review

I've been over all the G3 units now and updated them all.

216 G3 hoplites in total.

The front row are 'my' figures.

This is the lot I finished in January.

And the ones just finished.

This lot are from just before I bought Harry's collection and was experimenting with coloured filler for bases. At the time I intended to detail the bases but the huge influx of figures that needed rebasing from Harry made that idea non-viable. Bases were originally a dark earth colour so I've just repainted them. Note that this unit has been painted with individual iron scales. Takes time but usually looks good.

These four units are all ex-Harry - my intention was to have 48 strong hoplite units, getting 18 24 figure Greek units from Harry dented that thought!

Ex-Harry with Spartan shield design. No work needed.

This lot have been rebased.

This lot just needed a couple of figures reglued to the bases.

Nothing done with these - might do a couple more units with different shield designs later.

My original G3 unit, didn't do anything with it - probably really needs to be quietly retired - it dates back to 1970-72. Some of these I got from Pete Harris (author Tercio rules as used in several National Wargames Championships) - Greenwood & Ball suddenly changed to their new 25mm Greeks and we were part way through finishing units - so we swapped, I got Pete's G3s, he got my G2s.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Greek hoplite G3 unit completed...

Getting back into painting Ancients again after the drought...
I decided on bronze shields with white birds rather than painted with a mix of designs.

When I'm feeling patient I sometimes do the individual iron plates but again went for the easier option!

Meanwhile still haven't fully rebased all the ones I got from Harry, so prepping them for rebasing and will probably do a mini Greek Review of G3s when they're finished.

Meanwhile, David reminded me of the Indians I've still got to paint, so may do some of  them next.

Then again, realised I've still got 2 more armoured elephants that need looking at... do I completely repaint or go minimal effort?

Of course, there's also this battlefield still set up and waiting for me to do a 15mm WW2 French/German battle!

So, all in all got a lot of things planned over the next few days.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Interim Assyrians...

Finished painting the tin plate chariots but ran out of sand coloured filler for the base - so figures put to one side unassembled.

Meanwhile, I got on with filling a gap in my S Range Assyrians - light archers.

The figure itself is, I think, the one listed as a Carthaginian archer. Over the years I've picked up enough of these figures to make two 12 man units.

Continuing with getting back into painting I thought - it's been a while since I've painted any Greek hoplites and can't have too many G3s...