Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Meanwhile, back to the Amazons...


I'm having a go at doing a drop casting mould using Tiranti RTV65. No idea how well they will work, but if I can get a few reasonable castings out of it I'll be happy - need enough to work on to allow Pete Brown to make a decent mould. If they don't work - I'll try again. If they do work - I'll do some cavalry. Also intend to do a drop casting mould of the Garrison dragon.

Another paused project I'd like to get on with would be to do the Arab(ish) army I intended to do...

I also keep thinking about taking this guy a bit further...

Monday 15 April 2024

Salute 51

 Firstly, apologies for the poor quality of the pictures - think (know) I need a new camera - current one no longer up to the job!

Steven decided on a whim that he was going to enter a model in the painting competition. So first place to go was the queue to enter his figure. Took an hour... then another half hour to collect it at the end...

Camera is certainly not up to it! Figure didn't win but wasn't expected to.

Actually, Steven didn't finish up putting his model in - I had to because He had to dash off to an activity involving fencing. I took a few pictures earlier on but wandered off before they issued the swords!

Lots of people posting better pictures so I'm just doing some of the smaller games/displays I liked, such as this fairground. Nice little potential horror setup.

Weird - liked this one!
Nice little post apocalyptic set up - I like using these for ideas. This one was called a Trumpocalypse!

This was a nice idea - a series of 'levels' in a game similar to levels in video games . The figures driving around in Dalek war machines look very familiar! 

Down to purchases. Basically Crooked Dice and Bad Squiddo. The Bad Squiddo ones are my guilty concience.  Ages ago painted up Alice and in her first game she got killed. So thought she might like a gang to back her up... and Malice and the rest probably wouldn't be all that reliable. These are a birthday present as my birthday's coming up - originally I had intended to allocate this and more to Black Tree but...

There were lots of stands selling 3D Printed figures. This one is 32mm and really outside my usual range - but I like the figure and it was only£1.

So that was Salute 51. Must get a new camera.

Sunday 7 April 2024

Waste not, want not

 There is a term used in the fishing industry to describe all the fish you net that aren't the target species. These are usually lower value and generally speaking just discarded. Bit wasteful, that's life! Anyway, the term is 'by-catch', and when you are casting figures it's a good term to use to describe those figures on the mould you don't want. They tend to build up until my main metal ingots run out, then they are put back in the pot. 

This lot, though, have their uses. Good generic winged demons, quick to paint and look good.

They've been photographed before glossing - better to photograph, no major white reflections.

Still haven't decided whether to keep them as individuals for pulp games or based as flyers. Doesn't really matter - they'll be joined by more in the future anyway. 

Saturday 6 April 2024

25mm Shem/Assyrian chariot

Assyrian chariot acting as the Shem general. I've done it as a 2 horse 3 crew chariot as per the standard Garrison 25mm Assyrian chariot but have replaced the spear armed figure with a standard bearer. The archer figure represents the general himself.

I don't bother cluttering my chariots up with extra weapons/quivers etc but have at least put reins on. 

OK, don't need them for the Shem HoTT army but could I ever resist doing more chariots? For me, an initial three is very restrained! Suppose really I should get the cavalry finished off first but...

Friday 5 April 2024

Garrison display boards

 Something from the past. Garrison had a load of figures mounted in display cases for conventions, etc. They aren't/weren't in very good condition, but here's some photos I took of them.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Assyrians pretending to be Shem...

Somewhere in my mind something is telling me that the Hyborian Campaign Shemite army was composed of Assyrians. HoTT says that Howard described them as 'swarthy, hook nosed and with curled black beards' - not going to check out the original reference but that, plus a vague memory, made me feel that the Assyrians would be the best option.

I always try to base figures with shields facing front. It does mean I sometimes think I've wasted my time on things like the armour!

The army will be Rider General, 5 Riders and 6 shooter elements. So these are the shooters. For cavalry, 4 elements will come from a 12 figure unit of 10 AC4, Armoured cavalry with shield and spear and bow in case, plus officer and standard bearer.

The final element could then be an Hykranian mercenary, either from this unit or a yet-to-do unit of SS67, Hykran cavalryman with spear (figures already cast!)

The Rider general to complete the line up is currently on the paint desk - a 2 horse 3 crew Assyrian chariot with a crew of charioteer, standard bearer and general firing bow. Technically, probably a heavy chariot, but I'm happy using it as a Rider element.

Whether this army will get any bigger, don't know, see what happens.

Sunday 31 March 2024

JohnBee and the Ancient War Game


Don't think I've ever posted these pictures before - some JohnBee Egyptians I got off ebay years ago.

The fact that JohnBee figures were basically Airfix conversions is pretty obvious in these photos...

However, the main use purpose of this post is an id question. I'd always thought that the Egyptian infantry in the Ancient War Game were themselves direct Airfix conversions. Now I'm wondering if some of them were actually JohnBee figures...

At the very least, this lot are based on Airfix. Are they JohnBee? Don't know - poor quality picture, some may (may!) be carrying another javelin in their left hand but... So don't know, but seems reasonable.

On other things, starting a Shem army. The S&S Range figure don't quite fit the description of Shem soldiers but the Assyrian Range does. So I'm painting up a 24 figure unit of 25mm Garrison Assyrians - and it's slow work! Glad it's not a 48 figure unit.

Next, re Black Tree - after the figures arrived I sent a 'figures have arrived Email and asked, well, actually 'Hi John Figures arrived safely today thanks. Should I order more figures, what would the normal expected delivery time be? Thanks'. Guess what? Two weeks later, still no reply. I won't be ordering any more figures from them until I get a reply. Might send another follow up email, they have a lot of figures I would like but...