Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 14 October 2021

OK, Started the elephants...

The swordsman and javelinman are conversions from the Vanha spearman.

Haven't got round to the clibanarii figure comparison yet.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

25mm Sassanid Clibanarii

 Having all those Sassanid elephants I thought I should start a 25mm Garrison Sassanid army. Looking through my stock box I found a dozen or so Clibanarii and cast another dozen to start it off. First 12 now finished...

Quite a colourful bunch.

It was around about this time that I realised that I really should touch up the pointy sticks and that I had forgotten to paint on their leather gloves...

But as they say, a work of art is never really finished. The faults aren't that obvious at ground level.


That leaves me wondering what to do next - finish the last lot of Vanha elephants, or do the next Clibanarii unit.

Monday, 11 October 2021

A fantasy Achaemenid Persian elephant.

 As in, this one never existed in reality but would look better for Gaugamela...

Only did one of these - it's already in the realms of fantasy, no need to go completely OTT. The archers are from the chariot set.

Though to be fair, if I wanted to I could always supplement them with the Sassanid version anyway

Had a few days at Skegness....

So naturally....


And a size comparison against a Garrison 25mm elephant.

Not bad at 99p each.

Thursday, 30 September 2021

A Sassanid elephant Corps

Not really Sassanid... Carthaginian elephant, Vanha mahout, Achaemenid Persian howdah crew... except for Sassanid command groups. With all these Sassanid elephants and only a small Lamming Sassanid army for them to join I suppose I'm going to have to start a 25mm Sassanid army!

Arranged in two squadrons which I will call - the Gold squadron and the Silver squadron.

The Gold squadron is my least favourite, mainly because of the poor covering qualities of the gold paint. Two coats and still not right!

I also prefer how well the motif on the side of the howdah came out!

The original idea was to produce models that would do as both Sassanid or 'fantasy' Achaemenids. The howdah crew look as much like 70s Sassanids figures as Persian. However, for the Persians I had cast an 'extra' elephant which will be given archers from the 25mm Persian chariot and possibly a Macedonian mahout. After that, I've got four elephants to join the Vanha army to complement the mammoths.

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Some very nice fantasy figures painted by Steven

 While I've just doing chain saw - burn, chain saw - burn recently, Steven has been working on some fantasy figures - very nicely painted. They appear to have uploaded in reverse order but that doesn't make any difference! Comments appreciated.

'I have been painting some non-WW2 figures and finished the last one yesterday. Tried to do a decent job on them, but as always, the photos don't really show them as well as I would hope.

They are all 3D-printed 32mm figures from a company called We Print Miniatures. They do an offer of three random miniatures for a tenner . I decided to give it a whirl and see what I got. Pretty pleased with the figures - would consider doing it again.

One thing I have tried is a technique called non metallic metals ( . Not a single drop of metallic paint touched any of these figures. Just the cyberpunk warriors buzz-saw arm took about three hours to paint. Imagine that - three hours to paint one arm!

I will work on the Sengoku figures you got for my birthday next. I was going to do some Germans next, but I ordered some paints for them which should have arrived over a week ago, but they are experiencing supply chain issues, because of course they are.'


Monday, 20 September 2021

Xerxes army - Cavalry Corps/lists

 This list will be added to the Pages Marines post and heading changed;

Corps I Persians and Sagartians, II Meded, III Kashites

Simply the Persian cataphract mounted on unarmoured horses. I have lots of Persian heavy cavalry. As yet, I don't have any Garrison Sagartians. I have time.

Corps IV Indians

This figure is normally painted in medium flesh tones as Egyptian horse archers and are basically my universal archer body on cavalry legs. Except now I've found the Arab camel post...

Corps V Bactrians (and Sacae?)

Bactrian cavalry were armed with a bow and short spear - converted from the J/Bw/Sh light cavalry figure.

Corps VI Caspians, VII Paracanians

Similar to the Bactrians but without the short spear and wearing cloaks.

Corps VIII Arabs (Camel Corps) 

Same figure as I used for the Indian cavalry but mounted on camels. I considered using two riders per camel as per the book but decided against it - as stated ' more usual will have been one rider/one camel.