Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

'Ancient Battles for Wargamers' figures.

Apart from a lot of the figures in The Ancient Wargame I also have some of the figures that 'inspired' some of the artwork in Ancient Battles for Wargamers. In this post I'm just going to concentrate on that aspect - I'll go over the bulk of the figures later.

This is the 'official' list I've got of the figures and what they represent - from a list provided by Harry.

This one seems to be a pretty close match to the illustrations.

Again, you can see the resemblance between the two.

Can't say that I'm as certain about the resemblances between any of the Immortal figures and illustrations, but these seem to be the closest!
I don't usually  post illustrations direct from books, and note that the book is copyright 1977 to Argus Books Ltd. Less than 5% of the book is published here under fair useage for purposes of Education/Research

Saturday, 8 August 2020

'The Ancient War Game' cover figures.

Although most of the figures in the book are Garrison, the cover features a load of 'new' Hinchliffe figures. Happily, those figures have been part of my own collection for a number of years...

The cover includes 3 units: chariots, open order Immortal archers and close order Immortals.
There are 3 chariots on the cover - no idea which ones from the photo.

Well, apart from this one, which is pretty obvious...

Frontal view of 3 of the others...

Back view of the other 3.

There are 30 Immortal archers on open order bases - though these were based by Harry, not Grant.

30 close order Immortals - I'll do other units as this series continues.

(Posted before but probably still best to include a picture of the cover):

I've started more units of Xerxes army; that series will intersperse with these over the next ??? or so.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Some Britain's elephants

A follow on to the Grant elephants.

For most of my wargaming career metal elephants were looked on as being very expensive and not really needed when Britain's baby elephant would do the job, especially as Minifigs were quite happy to sell the elephant riders separately.  Some of those Britain's elephants are long gone, including the pink and white ones, but others are still around.
These four are still nominally available for action.

I did two Seleucid elephants, this one belongs to the general.

Late Alexandrian/early Successor with converted Garrison crew.

Thought I'd do a Carthaginian general in an elephant but then didn't do the Carthaginian army to go with it!

This lot were around four years ago, not sure where they are now.... Minifigs crew, go back a few years. From 14th February 2016.

Some quite ancient ones from an army I made for my son... it won the odd victory against me :(  From 18th February 2015

Charles Grant's elephants

Mostly a quick response to 'please tell me you have the elephants as well'

I've got 3 of them. I did post a couple of pictures of them about 6 years ago, here's those 2 pictures plus a few more...
One of the original pictures posted giving them a bit of context with the book.

As can be seen, one seems to be intact, one has a broken tusk, one has two broken tusks (pieces missing). To make these figures 'work' the ears were 'repositioned'. Looks a bit odd if you look closely - if you don't, it is strangely difficult to notice.

As they stand today. I've done no restoration work apart from regluing the broken tusk.

Crews on these are Garrison conversions, The elephants are Airfix Zoo set rather than Tarzan set - just checked on PSR  to confirm! Personally, I always used the Britains baby elephant. Being a strange kind of person, one of Britain's elephants was painted white, another one was painted pink. Perhaps a good thing that those particular ones are long gone.
I think they could do with a bit of a clean up though.

Never mind the tusks, I think the trunk is also looking a bit iffy!

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Corps VII Bactrians - and IX, X, XI and XII...

Bactrians are, of course, one of the 'normal' peoples used in Persian armies in the sense that the troop type appears as Bactrians in most army lists. However, there are other similar types such as Corps IX, Arians, Corps X Parthians and Chorasmians, Corps XI Sogdians and Corps XII Gandarians and Daicae. So 5 Corps with similar troop types. Having said that, the Bactrian Corps already has the Sakae representing it.
The Bactrians were quite early conversions so this unit has been around for a time (possibly about 2011!). Two different figures are both converted from PE4, 'Infantryman with spear and shield and bow in case, unarmoured'. PE4 provides the basis for quite a number of Persian conversions.

The partial black outlining shows they were done a while back quite well!

However, needing four more units it's worth looking at units including the original PE4...

Adding those gives me 4 units to choose from - OK, 2 of those are basically 1 unit with 2 command groups. Don't ask me why they have such weird numbers of elements... that knowledge is way, way lost in the past...

So how could I justify using shielded figures? Cue my major authority on the invasion... 'Macon argues that in spite of his silence some of the peoples of Inner Asia, particularly the Bactrians, must have been armed with a light shield or target' - page 42. In theory that would change them from 3Bw to 3Ax. In theory.
So those '4' units would leave 1 more to find - but as previously stated, VII is already covered by the Saka. Or I could recruit these - 40 figures acquired from Harry... was/will base these as MI rather than LMI - except just found out I'm running short of bases so there will be a short delay! The intention is to use these as 4Sp in later armies as Cardace infantry (which really shouldn't have bows but...)
Incidentally those 2 Persian/Bactrian figures made it into the Garrison catalogue before I closed shop. The figure firing the bow was 20PE9, the shieldless infantryman with spear and bow in case, unarmoured, was 20PE10 - the 20 was put in front of the code in the catalogue to distinguish them from the 25mm range, thus the base PE4 figure was actually coded as 20PE4.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Corps XV, the Pactyans, XVI Utians and Mycians and XVII Paricanians...

Another unit done as per the nominal Caspians...

To a certain extent it's more a matter of how many units I want to cast and paint - do I try and do separate figures to represent all 30 infantry, 10 marine and 9 cavalry Corps/units? Or do I settle for a uniform/unit type and say one unit represents four different Corps which share a common dress? Also, how close do I stick to the book? - some units such as the Libyans and Phrygians are already 'Garrison' based uniforms rather than Armies of the Greek and Persian Wars.

For this unit I've added decorations to both tunic and cloaks. I think it does look good.

With one unit of Ps and one of 3Bw so far it leaves a possible 2 units left to do. To keep diversity going I'll probably do another unit of each but leave them plain. At least, that's the current plan - by the time I get to doing it, things could be very different.

Figures on the current batch of moulds are proving very difficult to cast - so my painting output is being reduced at the moment simply due to spending more time casting. By now I should have had all the figures I needed from this mould - barely started!

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Corps I-V - The Immortals and Sparabara

The bread and butter units of Persian armies from the beginning to about 410-420BCE.

Nothing needed to add to these as they've been around for quite a while already. In some cases they just exist as rump/test units - though of course they are also useful for DBA armies anyway.
200 plus sparabara is pretty impressive - but when it comes to a final Review of Xerxes army would be a bit overpowering.

So will almost certainly finish up as representative elements - here from front to back Corps I to V.

There is one full Immortal regiment plus three single element rump units. These are Corps I

I normally use these as Medes to conform to the Minifigs S Range figures. However, here they are conforming to the Armies book (and Persian sources) so they are correctly acting as Persians in Corps II.

Which means that Corps III has two full regiments of Medes to choose from.

Each regiment has  three elements totalling 24 figures each.  Originally I had intended to make every regiment up to 48 figures.

Corps IV the Kashshites (Cissians) is the odd one out. Apart from officers and standard bearers, all of the other Corps use converted figures. This one is based on PE5, archer firing, unarmoured. On the other hand, the sparas themselves are conversions... This is a 48 strong regiment.

Corps V, the Hyrkanians, is represented by my 'Universal Archer' figure. 48 of them.

Note these are only 6 figures to a double base - Irregular figures rather than Regular. Some of the others should probably been 6 to a base as well.

In reality I would have expected this lot to represent over half the infantry in invasion army - assuming that many of the others would probably be token Corps whereas these would probably be full strength. I know I've got more than enough Spara units (including Minifigs...) but don't think I've finished with them yet.

'How can you have too many of something you didn't need in the first place'.