Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Making the town bigger

 Although I've now got quite a few 1/87th-1/76th buildings, most of them are more suitable for country use rather than towns. So at the moment I'm quietly building up the 'town' side of things.

Ugly looking building this - not sure if this is the front or the back. Think I'll use it as the back.

Which would make this the front... looks more 60s than 20s or 30s but it's fantasy so?

A bit prettier and probably a lot more realistic for the period.

Another block of flats - groups like these should be very useful in giving things a town look.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Ethereal jellyfish and a monolith

Continuing the Admins thread.

Probably going to do a load more jellyfish, might even do a couple more monoliths
Not sure what you call the body of a jellyfish - umbrella sounds right. Anyway, needs to be a chaotic colour scheme - not sure how well it achieves that.

Plain black monolith. Bit smaller than I would like but should do the job. Might do some of these in a more standard grey.


Friday, 15 January 2021


Some of the ranges I acquired with Garrison were the various Admins ranges. Very quirky I know virtually nothing of their origins. They seem to be the result of more than one designer with different styles and abilities, some (many) are pretty useless, others I admit I really like. The AD range has two sea serpent types in it, I think this one is supposed to be the Loch Ness Monster - haven't checked to be sure.

A very simple 3 piece (or more, just add more sections) model.

Takes about 10 minutes to paint... though I suppose it would also suit a more careful and picturesque attempt.

I can see a few uses for this model!

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

A little town in Germay.

 The title is based on the John Le Carre novel A Small Town in Germany - it's just that I prefer my version!

It isn't meant to be any particular town and it wasn't set up for any particular reason - I just wanted to set up some of the things I've acquired recently and see what I could 'need' to improve things in future.

A view down the length of the table. I've still got a load more buildings but need quite a few others to make anything in the way of a substantial town - like, shops, industrial buildings and apartment blocks.

The current village showing elements of a British column complete with standard!

With a nice open area to the side.

A couple of scenarios do spring to mind with this setup, plus it's a long time since my last game, so...

Monday, 11 January 2021

Vickers Medium MkII

 As part of my latest Frontline order I included 3 Vickers Medium Mk11s. These are now part of my not-really Interwar Lovecraftian style army - most of the 20mm buildings I'm collected are from Germany, so the obvious thing is to 'base' things in an Interwar Germany partially occupied by the Alllied Powers.

I've followed my previous tactic of giving them fictitious markings that are nominally for a Guards Armoured Division.

The idea being that all the pictures of these things I can find seem to have no markings at all which is pretty boring.

This is an interesting picture. A Vickers Medium next to an Independent of the same Division. The impression you get is that these tanks are not to the same scale, that in fact the Idependent should be a lot bigger. It's just not tall enough. Until you look up the specification and find that, in reality, the Independent is a couple of inches lower that the Vickers!

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Roads and Rivers

 Have also arrived from S&A Scenics.

This should be enough as far as large rivers go - gives me a total of 10'

Likewise roads - though I'll get some of the black road option later for towns.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Orders starting to arrive

Firstly, the Whippets and Medium Mk IIs from Tim Wade at Frontline - so happily he seems to be over his bout of Covid. These should be unpacked, assembled and been initially sprayed by the end of tomorrow.


Next, a load of 20mm MDF buildings from BanksJohnEdward on ebay - basic, but lots of them, cheap and suitable for the job.

Finally, not new arrivals, it's just that the Xmas decorations are now down so I'm getting back to painting Persians.