Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Persian Review 2023 - the rest


So this little lot includes Assyrians, Egyptians, Lydians/Phrygians, Ethiopians, Thracians, etc...

There are also a few figures that were missed on the previous posts - 14 Bactrian cavalry, 12 Sarangian archers and 6 Indian horse archers.

Except for the last two pictures this lot are just random bits of the army. This is the right flank, basically a light infantry screen including Milyae and Syrians.

Left flank, including Arab archers at the front.

The Indians missed out on having their own army when I got a load of Minifigs. So this archer unit is the only Garrison Indians I've painted.

Assyrians in the foreground, various Asian Greeks behind them. The smaller 'blue' Assyrians are ones I did, 'red' figures are ex-Harry.

This is more of a test unit. I usually paint Nubians/Kushites dark brown but I experimented with black for these. The standard bearer is a Rose figure.

Carthaginian spears pretending to be Phoenicians backed by some Asiatic Greeks. All these figures are ex-Harry, though the original Carthaginians were supplied by me. A lot of figures I sent Harry came back painted when I bought his collection!

The front row are from my original 70s army and are in need of some attention. Behind them are my Hollywood style Carians in black armour.

Phrygian/Lydians. Need more of these for the Lydian army - and the figures for that are just sitting there!

Garrison Phrygian axemen. A 40 strong unit acquired from Harry.

Egyptians. The ones with the falcon shield blazon are more survivors from my 70s army.

Ex-Harry Persian javelins backed by ex-Harry Persian archers. In front of them some converted Milyae.

Various Nubian/Kushite/Ethiopians backed by Thracians and with Arab archers in front.

Meanwhile, thought it might be an idea to round off the army with some Greeks. On the right flank a load of late Greek conversions, to their left a couple of units of Thebans. I admit I don't like that Theban figure - it overlaps the bases too much!

Could have used more but decided to leave the rest of the late Greeks in their box.

So that's it. Not sure, but I might do a separate post grouping the main pictures together as one Review rather than leaving them separate.

This lot totals about 570 infantry plus 20 cavalry - plus, of course, about 250 Greek hoplites!

Ignoring the Greeks, army itself has 2,058 infantry, 521 cavaly, 36 camels, 17 chariots, 3 war wagons and an elephant (not counting the 8 Sassanid elephants!)

Monday 4 December 2023

Review of the sparabara units.

 Last time I did a Persian army Review in 2020 I had about 300 sparabara. The current count is 484...

I've included some odd Persians and Scythians as a 'skirmish line' which takes the count to 534 figures.

It should also be pointed out that the Review in 2020 totalled 984 infantry. The two infantry posts so far have passed the 1000 figure mark.
Right flank...

Centre... Note the Scythians are 6 figures per element, all the othersare 8 figures per element. There are a total of 63 sparabara elements. If you work on the original 20 men per figure that would be just under 10,000  men...of course, if you go by the DBX ratio, roughly 250 x 534 = 133,500... 

Left flank... 

My Garrison Persian army is quite big - quite a bit bigger that my Minifigs one...

Review of PE3, PE4 and PEC4 infantry

 One for Anthony! Limited Review of some of the Persian infantry - I'll look at others later on as well.

Having to split it, I've started with mainly LMI based on three figures, these figures would probably form the main infantry constituent of most of my Persian armies.

To start, these ones are all based on the light cavalry figure PEC4 - though some are pretty heavily modified. Total 144 figures.

The archer conversions include both cloaked and uncloaked variations - useful for most Persian armies!

This conversion is likewise useful as a classic 'old school' figure - especially useful as bow armed Cardace infantry (I'll use Kardaka for the late hoplite-painted-as-Persians figure)

These are all straight unconverted PE3 armoured spearmen. Total 84 figures.

Well, apart from the back row of the Bw(X) element. The figure at the back was a Charles Grant figure.

This lot are all based on PE4, the unarmoured Sp/Bw/Sh figure. Total 275 figures.

These are the original PE4. The unit on the left with the blue shields are ones I got from Harry.

This conversion is potentially very useful for Sassanids as well as Achaemenids. The spara/shield is actually from the SKT Sumerian range.

A spearman carryig the archaic violin shaped shield. 

Two figures here I use as Bactrians, etc. One simply had the shield removed, the other is firing a bow. I tend to use them in mixed units.

Spear/javelinman with spear and large round shield. Useful as several of the Xerxes levies. I would have used this as a Kardaka figure but it's a pain to cast!

Like the last figure but witha smaller shield and the same general uses - though not as line Kardaka!

    So that little group totals 503 infantry figures...

Sunday 3 December 2023

Garrison Persian cavalry, 2023

 The last major Persian Review was in 2020 Since then I've done quite a lot with the Persians including Xerxes army (including cavalry), the early robed cavalry, and of course the Late National army. With all that, I thought it might be an idea to do a Review of my Garrison Persian cavalry...

This is the cavalry, chariots, camels, war wagons and elephants... 

In 2020 the mounted forces included 314 cavalry, 18 camels and 14 chariots/war wagons.

Today it's 501 cavalry (174 light, 321 heavy/medium), 17 chariots (two of them are general's chariots), 3 war wagons, 36 camels and 3 war wagons!
War wagons, elephants and later cavalry. I've included the Sassanid elephants here for two reasons - firstly, the crew are Garrison 25mm Persians anyway, and it's unlikely that there will be a Sassanid army Review any time soon.

Up to strength with robed early cavalry - one guard, three line units. I keep thinking of painting up Assyrian cavalry as early Persians mounted on unarmoured horses - already done that with some Minifigs 'S' Range Assyrians and it works quite well.

Persian camel corps - Cyrus the Great's with towers, some Arab conversions for Xerxes, plus a unit of 'normal' Garrison camels. Which means I still need to do a unit with the other Garrison camel figure! There are another 6 Arab camels lying around somewhere...

A view of the right flank. Scythed chariots, various light and heavy cavalry including some I got from Harry. The chariots are the 'new' ones made since 2020.

Part of a back row consisting of about 200 cavalry - 150 heavies and 50 lights. Looks quite impressive on the table!

Actually, not there - I haven't included the 93 Grant Garrison cavalry!

So that's pretty much where the Garrison cavalry force is at at the moment. Still a way to go but I'm getting there.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Persian National Army Review

Mostly finished, probably do at least one, possibly two more Kardaka units. Figures have been cast for one of them.

View down the line - it's looking to be quite a reasonable army.

Right flank cavalry plus a couple of scythed chariots. Horse archers and javelin cavalry are conversions of  PEC4, heavy cavalry are simply Greeks painted as Persians. Might do another heavy cavalry unit or two.

The centre. The general in the chariot is more of a stand in as I don't have a Garrison version of Darius - this one is generally used as Xerxes. The unit behind him is the one I use to represent Cyrus the Younger.I have included some Greek hoplites at the back from my Late Greek army because they are such an important part of many late armies, plus the fantasy Persian elephant I made because I like it!

Left flank cavalry - my third light light cavalry and second heavy cavalry line unit. Extreme left wing cavalry are my Scythian conversions plus the Sarmation heavy horse archers - they make good Scythian heavies! 

Friday 1 December 2023

Painted Policemen

Very quick painting session to see how they look... basically about as little as I could do. 
Also did a check painting a couple darker blue. 

 Initial view - I think both work. Chances are that I'll do a few different uniforms - got the figures, 6 is probably enough in one colour for most scenarios anyway.