Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 17 January 2022

Rose colonials

Continuing with going through my Rose figures, decided next to do some British colonial troops to go with the 20mm Pulp figures.


As such, they are mounted on individual bases and again just painted to a basic wargames standard.


This lot are in sprayed khaki; I'll probably do a unit in red tunics later. I decided to paint the bases green rather than sand because ... well, mostly because...


This must be one of the most basic figures I've painted for years - as I mentioned earlier, the khaki was sprayed on and there are only 5 colours in total, including the base! As the Rose colonial Range didn't include an officer this one is an ACW officer with a head swap.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Rose ACW Confederate artillery

This gives me the figures needed to do the 3rd battle in Battles with Model Soldiers (plus a spare gun).


Two guns with crews in an assortment of uniforms.

Again, wargames standard with little detail but fit for it's purpose.

Although I have masters for the limbers I didn't have a mould made. As a wargaming expedient/experiment I've put 4 horses on DBX cavalry bases to see if it works - should do. A couple of the horses have needed a couple of places touched up since this photo - hadn't noticed that some paint had rubbed off.

That gives me enough troops to complete my current 'requirement' though will do more later.

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Rose ACW Confederate cavalry

And now for a major drop in standards...

As it says on the box, cavalry squadron plus general.


As also stated, major drop in standards - didn't even get round to painting gloves and pistol!


On the other hand they match my criteria for these - basic wargames standard.

 This means that, when I get round to it, I can now do the first two scenarios from Battles with Model Soldiers.

Monday, 10 January 2022

Steven's 15mm Samurai

 Should have posted hese years ago! He took them to Salute once hoping to enter them in the Junior painting competition, found he was a month or so too old, entered them in the Senior's instead and got runner up.

It's quite a small - still a lot of unpainted figures as it came towards the end of this wargaming phase.

Like the armour on these!

And the infantry.

Saturday, 8 January 2022

Mongols v Sung

 Bit late getting this one out...

As part of Steven's visit he wanted to have a DBA battle involving his 15mm Mongols and Sung.

Steven took the Sung, I took the Mongols.

My tactic was to head for his left flank and take it out. In retrospect, my right flank light cavalry should have gone round his left flank!

I was a bit slow getting round his right flank - we both threw a few one's in this game. Not used to PIPs!

Steven closed off the right flank pretty well and held me up. I had forgotton one important fact - I was using Cv, not Kn. Kn break if beaten in first round of combat by Bw so I was a bit too wary of them!

Fair to say my attack wasn't doing too well!

I'm still too slow! Everything seems to be just that bit slower moving than I had expected.

The final result may have been in doubt for much of the game, but the Sung finally prevailed.

And to the victor... a very smug look.....  -  though, to be fair, it was a deserved victory.

Thursday, 6 January 2022

The stupidity of Quora moderation

Someone on quora asked: 'You’ve got big battleships and aircraft carriers and even small destroyers are still pretty huge, why haven’t tiny ships like tanks but for water ever been used or why haven’t I ever heard of them if they do exist?'

Now, that is quite a reasonable question in Quora terms, so I answered 'For mounting big guns on small ships, look at monitors:' followed by a link to wikipaedia -

Quora has decided this is spam!

'Your answer has been deleted as it was found to be in violation of our Spam policy. To learn more about our Quora's policy, click here. If you think this is an error, you can appeal here.'   

Anyone in the real world think my answer was spam?                                                                                                                                                                                                     Update received:     'Hi Rob,

Thank you for writing in.

We are very sorry for this experience. Your content was mistakenly removed as a violation of our spam policy, but it is now reinstated.


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Saturday, 1 January 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Hope it's better than the last couple of years!

This post is one I'm adding to over the night and into the New Year so...


Champagne Christmas present curtesy of Brother in law/Sister in law.


Lite bites curtesy of Sandra, still being put together at time of writing (my job will be to cook the goose on the day)


Games section is basically a way of letting Steven win a few games - in this case, Play on Wordz. Well, he's faster than us. Steven and Sarah also provided the mead (another Christmas present - they all get used.)

Nibbles sorted.

Goose defrosting.

 And that's the current state of play with about an hour to go... updates will hopefully follow...


Sandra and Steven with Sarah in Croydon. Happy New Year!