Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 19 January 2020

French Lancers

Simply described in the catalogue as as a 'Light Horse Lancer', this figure was started at the same time as the Chasseur,  but I concentrated on getting the Chasseur finished first. Problem with it is the mass of braid across the chest...
Anyway, had to choose something, so nearest being a Gendarme Lancer I've loosely based the scheme on the figure on page 63 of Funcken.

Not exactly right but it'll do!

Overall, effect looks about right.
And I now have 2 French cavalry squadrons facing 1 British infantry battalion and 2 guns! Not the order I had originally intended to paint these!

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Now for some confirmed Chasseurs...

After the attempts to i.d. the British Light Dragoon I continued casting from other moulds and came across...

A figure with shako, no plume, double breasted jacket, no sabretache... it even had that ow of buttons on the trousers...

So, 100% confirmed Chasseur a Cheval!

So I slowed down and painted a squadron. I'm easily distracted - getting on with French cavalry like this (I've also started some lancers) means I've stopped work in the middle of painting a battalion of British Grenadiers. No problem, need the French anyway.
Technically, as light cavalry they should be mounted two to a base. However, I've put them three to a base as I think aggressive troops are more like cavalry, using heavy cavalry as knights.

They aren't meant to be any specific regiment - one advantage of solo work - but corresponds mostly to the 27th Regiment from Funcken page 57 volume 1.

Comparison with the quick paint figure - hopefully these are better!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Very, very quick paint job...

... On that presumed Chasseur a Cheval. Couple of hours ago it was bare metal... So very, very bad paint job...wet paint on wet paint and rushed...

Best thing I can say about it is that gives an impression of the figure!

'Update' - did a British Light Dragoon search and found a Knotel print of a British Light Dragoon with long plume! 14th Light Dragoons. 1815!

Napoleonic cavalry - what is it?

Usually I work it out. OK, Hussars/Chasseurs difficult, so many variations of busbies and shakos it's hard to tell which is which - but then, a hussar with shako from one country is pretty much interchangeable with a similar type from a different country... think I might post some of them later though to get a better idea of what they are officially supposed to be!

This figure is different. Checked out Funcken L'Uniforme et les Armes des Soldats du Premier Empire, checked out Cassin-Scott Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars and Uniforms of Waterloo. It doesn't appear anywhere...
Hard to tell from the photos but the original has a very clearly defined front-and-back cuirass! With a shako!

Actually this photo no better. He also carries a slung carbine.
So, anyone... ideas please?

Gave it a wash of brown - some extra detail showed up like a row of buttons. If what I thought were straps on the right side are actually depicting a medal or something the is a pretty good match for figure 3 of page55 in vol 1 of Funcken - 13th Regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval, 1906! Thanks for your help everyone - I'm going to treat it as that but remove the 'medal. on ones I paint!

Further 'update' - did a British Light Dragoon search and found a Knotel print of a British Light Dragoon with long plume! 14th Light Dragoons. 1815!

Sunday, 12 January 2020

First battalion finished!

First impressions? Napoleonics take a lot longer to paint than Ancients! As a minimum, I think I would need 3 infantry battalions, 1 gun and 2 6-man cavalry squadrons per side to have a meaningful battle. On projected painting rates, I will need about 6 weeks to complete these. Hope I'm still 'interested' enough in doing these to last out!
In the event I went for a decorative non-playing separate command group. The command group base is a slightly different colour because I ran out of the original paint!

I went for a gloss finish to the figures and plain green base.

Command figures have a simple paper flag printed off the Internet.

One of the deciding factors in going for the separate command group was because I thought having them in the centre of the square would look good.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Rose 1973 Wargames Figures

This has now been added to the Pages section and includes most of the 20mm Napoleonic Range (though described by Rose as 25mm!)

Friday, 10 January 2020

Starting British Napoleonics

Finished the second gun and started on the first infantry battalion.
I've settled on a four man crew, putting the officer in one crew and the 'spare' man in the other.

Although going with the DBX element idea I've put the guns on 60mm bases rather than the 80mm bases artillery in DBX use.

I've also started the first infantry battalion. No officer or crew, so I'm using the artillery officer and have also 'converted' the artilleryman with ramrod by the simple expedient of removing the ramrod, drilling a hole in the hand, and adding a brass spear to act as a flagstaff. Still not sure how I'll set them up - 24 man battalion including officer/standard bearer, or 24 man battalion with an external command group for show only?