Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 24 May 2020

And the last part... the Egyptians

This one is more a case of the Egyptians that are considered 'right'. This means the chariots, archers and light cavalry. What I haven't included here are the later 'Saitic' infantry and cavalry conversions. The Egyptians I'm looking at here are earlier - New Kingdom or so - that 'ended' in 2014 rather than coming to the fore in 2017!
This lot were doing quite nicely apart from my unfortunate experiments with the dip. I spent ages trying to get the Rose chariot to work... still takes a while to get them but finally succeeded. Everything stopped while I was still building up the chariot force - I have another 3 finished but without crews. So that needs doing - the number I've got crewed at the moment won't be enough for a decent army.

Having said that Harry's purchase stopped everything - not completely true. This lot are conversions made by me, sold to Harry, then returned painted when I bought his collection.

The figure was a follow up/production version of the one in my last post and designed as a generic horse archer - there are actually two versions. I also wanted to use ones without the plume as Parthians - I've got a unit I'm trying to paint now - but so far I haven't got that aspect sorted yet.

This is the universal archer that likewise replaced the archers in my last post. It gives an indication of how useful and versatile this figure is. I honestly haven't the faintest idea how many of them I have spread over several armies.

These are the original Nubians... not a single conversion in the picture...
Which ends the day's linked trilogy - useful to get my thoughts in order like this and see what needs doing even if, a real possibility knowing me, I don't get to do it!

Revisiting some past conversions

This is going of be one of my '2 posts a day' times. May even be 3.

It certainly seems that my attention has been drawn back to the Garrison Egyptian and Assyrian armies, especially the Egyptians. Here I'm looking at a load of those 2014-curtailed conversions, including some of my earliest 'limited production' conversion attempts.
Originally Garrison only did 2 spear armed Egyptian figures. My original target was therefore to try and add archers, Libyans... well, everything else really. So this eclectic mix showes some of my earliest efforts.

Libyan chariot, scratch built with Airfix horses and wheels from ?. The infantry were conversions based on the Nubian spearman. No features on the faces because they were converted and cast   from masters made from  poorish Tiranti moulds - and the conversions also made from poorish Tiranti moulds. So the details have been lost. Cloaks are basically plasticene.

So my first figures, including archers, were all based on the Nubian spearmen. The Libyan spearmen designs I liked!

More archers - this style was not pursued further as I developed my 'universal' archer. The light cavalry were likewise 'replaced' by another figure. Leaving those spear armed figures...

Not my favourite figures. They tend to make me cringe when I look at them. Using the heads of the Rose Peleset and converted Garrison 'Medes' I should be able to do a lot better today.
So that's one set of conversions for me to look at. We're talking half a dozen new figures to redo from scratch...

Looking at Garrison Assyrians

Not a review, more a quick case of wondering what (if any) my next steps are with these. Most of my early efforts -  between buying Garrison then buying Harry's collection - were aimed at Egyptian and Assyrian conversions to allow me to extend these armies. My original impetus was to get Paul Ashton of Amazon Miniatures to do them, later...

Anyway, I was in full flow between about 2006 (bought Garrison)  and 2014 (it's that long since Harry left the hobby?) doing things like building up Garrison... then suddenly had an influx of several thousand figures... so virtually stopped everything to concentrate on these. Six years seems a decent amount of time to revisit them.

The Assyrian and Egyptian, I think, still had a lot more promise and perhaps it's time to revisit. However, could be a big job - especially if I tried to sort out the damage I did to the figures by trying the dip method of painting.
One of my smaller armies. Only the cavalry and one infantry unit are 'originals' the rest are all conversions. Of interest is the fact that I used a lot of HaT shields for the Assyrian infantry conversions - buying sets just for the shields proved quite cost effective.

These two give a good indication of my early chariot forces - I had loads of Airfix Roman and Ancient British boxes  from the time a model shop was destocking - actually, thinking about it I think the Airfix ones came from a coin and stamp shop in Newcastle. The model shop in Chester was where I bought masses of Atlantic figures. A couple of the chariots need a little bit of remedial work.

This unit needs the bases repainting - or the unit transferred to the Persian army. I think this is my original 70s Assyrian cavalry unit. That half painted cavalry unit in the link? Still half painted...
So the Assyrians don't need a lot of work - there are some other unfinished cavalry figures lying around, plus would like some Guard infantry with large dished shields, but overall don't think I need to do much with them.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Egyptians, Assyrians and Indians...

Doing the Persian Review I mentioned that I didn't have any Garrison Nubian Auxiliaries in the army because they had all been allocated to the Egyptian army. Egyptians and Assyrians were two of the armies I was working on when I acquired Harry Pearson's collection. At that point work stopped on 'my' armies and they've been in a kind of stasis since. It does mean that some units weren't finished or based and when I came across some of them I thought...

Anyway, quickly painted green over the sand figure bases on these Nubians and now have either 2 24 man Nubian units or 1 48 figure unit... which are now officially part of the Persian army. Should have painted the bases a lighter green.

The standard bearer is Rose and I used the axe version of the basic Nubian figure as the officer (the figure was designed with an axe head on one end, spear point the other so you could use it as either). There is an extra command element to allow for the 1 or 2 unit options.

Of all my conversions this is the most versatile.

As a basic archer it appears in lots of my Ancient armies - for example, Egyptian light archers, sparabara archers, Elamites... here being used as Assyrian unarmoured archers.

Some bought-in already painted Minifigs Indians from a long forgotten source... don't think these are ex Harry, could be.

Nothing to add really - probable reason it's avoided being based in the past is because it's only a 4 element unit rather than my usual 6.
So that's a few units based. Plenty more figures lying around in various states of readyness, especially for the Greeks.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Tidying up?

Figures, that is.

It's a mix of things. Waiting for the moulds to arrive it seemed to be a good idea to start looking at outstanding items - unbased figures, figures needing a paint touch up, etc.
First off, started on doing some of the Prussian lancers. I haven't tried to add any other details, for example reins or buttons, etc, just kept them 'as was' and painted over areas of paint loss.

Bugler's a bit of a weird pose. Likewise, officer's sword a bit iffy. Other than that, they'll do.

And I haven't tried to look up if they are meant to be specific units. If I did, it would probably tempt me to add more detail!
Meanwhile, working on basing some more Egyptians, Assyrians and Indians...

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Garrison 2020 Persian army Review

At first I was just thinking about putting posts for individual groups of figures -Chariots/Guard, Sparabara, Irregular archers, etc. Then I thought: OK, I've cleared 8' of the table, most of the Persian infantry and some of the cavalry are already out, why not do a Review?

The last Persian Review I did was on a 6'x4' table in my original shed. That was 5 years ago! Further, it included Minifigs as well Garrison and also quite a few Greek and Indian auxilkiaries/subjects. This one includes some subject peoples - Lydian/Phrygian, Assyrian and Egyptian - but only ones that were 'officially' assigned to this Persian army.

The first thing, of course, was to start seeing how things fit. I put all my Sparbara units in a line and they basically covered the whole 8' frontage - about 300 figures! So I split them into two lines. I have done a count - 984 infantry, 314 cavalry, 18 camels and 14 chariots/war wagons (it's worth noting that chariots are more a feature of my Minifigs Persian army!)
I did try to get a frontal photo but even though I set the army back as much as I could it still didn't work!

Looking down the line of battle is a bit better. The army is smaller than the one reviewed last time, but that one included Greek allies and all my Minifigs. The shelving to the side is about 2' from the side of the table.

I thought that grouping all the heavy cavalry together would look more impressive than splitting them over both flanks. They consist of 17 12 figure squadrons plus the 12 figures at the front - a total of 216 cavalry. Also in the picture are the 6 light cavalry atached to the Egyptian contingent.

I finished up using three photos of the infantry.This is the right flank.

And the Centre...

And the left flank including some Scythian cavalry attached to the Scythian contingent. There are six 'ranks' - 1st, Generals/guards/some light infantry, 2nd, chariots and assorted infantry and light cavalry, 3rd and 4th various Sparabara units, 5th the Egyptians, Assyrians, Carians and other Asiatic Greeks (as in Garrison PEA8, Ionian Auxiliary Hoplite). I don't have any of PEA5, the Nubian auxiliary, here - they are all in the Egyptian army. Dedicated to Persian army, green base, dedicated to Egyptian army, sand base.
Some light cavalry. At the back, standard PEC4, others are conversions made several years ago. I had them on a Tiranti mould but recently stripped some figures of these two units and they are on one of the new moulds I'm having made - expect a lot of these two conversions to appear in future armies!

OK, the front rank are mainly 70s cataphracts with a couple of conversions. The light cavalry behind are ex-Harry, camels include my Funcken-inspired conversions plus some standard Garrison camels.

This photo shows some standard PE4, PEA3 and PEA4 -the interest in this photo is that the two outer units are ex-Harry that I still haven't got round to rebasing!   

This is just a photo to show some of my storage plus a bit of a view of the mess known as my work bench - the cardboard box in the corner is my spray booth!I think it also gives an idea of how limited space is around the table - 2' is not really a lot.

Monday, 18 May 2020

A couple of big bangs...

It was suggested that the homecast bushes would also  serve as explosions if given an appropriate paintjob...

So why not?
OK, not exactly perfect, but apart from the paint job they seem to work quite well...

Thanks Mark.