Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Still painting Japanese...

 Just, slowly.

Having found all those others I made the mistake of adding the new batch to the ones I'm already working on then... pretty much stopped.

This is going to take a while!

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

British 18 pounder and Vickers mg

Continuing with the imagi-interwars forces, British 18 pounder and Vickers machine gun for the occupation forces.

Usual quick standard. MG loader doesn't sit right and I've set the gun barrel a bit far back but...

Like all of these, though, they do the job.

 Meanwhile, started painting up those Japanese infantry I found, kept looking - found a load more! So basic Japanese force is looking promising, even if mostly plastic!

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Pulp interwar FreiKorps (ish)

 I always like things to follow 'naturally' rather than having to be forced. 

So... as there is a very Germanic feel to all the buildings I've been getting, it's obvious that the main setting for Rift games has to be Germany. To be able to use British forces in Germany it follows that Britain and France were still occupying Germany or major parts of Germany during the 20s and 30s. However, it also follows that some sections of the German population  or areas within Germany would raise unofficial or semi-official militia forces - FreiKorps, in effect.  Such forces would potentially rely on WW1 weapons and uniforms, so these FreiKorps outfits would have a very WW1 German look...

Figures from Frontline Miniatures. This lot should be enough for most purposes. The usual very basic paint job.

WW1 German 77mm gun and crew. This should be enough artillery - the idea is a militia force, probably infantry based with very little in the way of heavy weapons.

I didn't do the machine gun very well! LMG may be the only one I finish up using though might add more standard infantry.

Friday, 4 June 2021

Duncan MacFarlarlane RIP

It has been reported on Facebook and TMP that Duncan has sadly passed away:

I don't actually have a photo of Duncan  that I've taken - he hated having his photo taken - but found this one by Wargames Development on the Internet:

The Independent Wargames Group: People who influenced your wargaming. 2

Duncan is the one in the black tee shirt. This is the only picture that came up on a Google search!

Best known as a magazine owner and editor (Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated). Many people will remember him going around Partizan every year taking pictures! 

 I honestly don't know how long I've known him  - early 80s? late 70s?. Always got on well with him. The rest of this consists of possibly faulty memory!

OK, couple of stories: Garrison used to own a range of 25mm starship figures that looked a bit like Star Wars. Duncan bought the range, did nothing with them and all the moulds and masters were lost. People started asking me about about them, I asked Duncan if I could produce them, immediate ''Yes, I'm not going to do anything with them'. Next one, at Partizan one year talking about figures, Duncan mentioned they still had a load of the current free entrance figure left, said 'here' and promptly gave me a load! - it was the policeman figure, really need to paint some up for Newhaven!

I remember there was a time when there was supposed to be a feud between Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated. Talking about it to Duncan he just shook his head and said that he still had a half share in Miniature Wargames, why would he have a feud with himself?

Never had anything published by Duncan, though quite a bit in Miniature Warmames after he left, however I did get a three article series accepted by him - for two years it kept getting pushed out 'can't fit them in, they will get published' - finally I just basically said best to withdraw them, which I did and placed them in Slingshot. Duncan just shook his head, mentioned the difference in circulation figures , and said 'I was going to publish them!'

So a sad loss to the hobby. Duncan will really be missed.

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Bits and pieces

A mix of going through old stuff and getting in new.

The bridge is 6mm (Brigade?) but makes a decent 20mm footbridge. The Japanese officer was one of the bits I bought from Frontline in my latest order. German mg found as I continue to trawl through my old stuff.

 Think I'm at a slightly messy stage - doing several different but linked items in the Interwar/WW2 20mm line. Going for basic wargames standard I should be getting through them faster but spending more time outside and less time painting at the moment!


Monday, 31 May 2021

Late War German infantry

 Being on this Inter War/WW2 painting spree at the moment I've been sorting out/finding unpainted figures from my last WW2 period. These figures are spread all over the place so...

Found about 40 assorted Germans - these were already undercoated green so I've just used this as a base. Most elements there but a bit short of MG34/42s.

Enough officers for now. The kneeling figure is obviously suffering from the Russian winter as his fingers seem to have gangrene.

1 each mortar and tripod mg, probably should increase these numbers and finish painting the mortar crew. Style generally is very basic - webbing, etc, I've pretty much ignored because when I did start painting them up... I couldn't see any difference on the table!

Only one of these guys so a definite future buy!

Meanwhile, also found some packs of British and Russians - mostly FAA, some Platoon 20, some unidentified. FAA are now based in the US, Platoon 20 are owned by East Riding Miniatures who have declared that they are closing down as of 17/5/21!

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

What's up with everything?

 Firstly, Blogger. Normally click on Reading List on the (command page?) and it brings up the list of updates on blogs I follow. Stopped doing that, now it's just showing blogs from blogger itself plus I can get to individual blogs from a 'manage' button. No way I can find of getting the original setting!

Next Paypal going funny. Ordered some stuff from Frontline, invoice listed as pending - Paypal won't let me confirm payment! Click on pay now, message flashes on and off - think it's saying that it will open in a new screen, but if so it doesn't. Just going around in circles! Tried Paypal Help - it doesn't help in the slightest! Nothing I can find helps me sort the problem. I'll have to try sorting things out in the morning.

I hate machines!