Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 19 March 2018

1897 More French

I think it's fair to say that the invaders are not quite keeping up with the defenders at the moment but are slowly building up their forces.

These are Irregular marching French and again painted in Vallejo dark blue rather that the (probably more 'realistic' ) Prussian blue.

Nearly got a enough French to fight a small skirmish...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

1897 The Fusiliers

Completed the Fusiliers which gives me a complete Brigade.

The Fusiliers:

The Brigade:

 I've noticed that I've painted buttons on both the Grenadiers and Fusiliers but didn't on the 2 Line Regiments. I think I'd better bring the Line up to my current 'standard.'

A second Regiment of Highlanders is nearly finished so the 'Scots' Division is nearly half complete - I'll do 2 Regiments of Lowlanders to produce a Scot's Division rather than go for separate Highland and Lowland Divisions.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

For Ross

Re a discussion here.

In the Great War in England in 1897 there is a little action by some some bicycle troops who used a bicycle mounted machine gun.  Actually it's really a quadricycle mounted machine gun.

This is the picture:

Thursday, 8 March 2018

1897 Redone Artillery

40lber/4.7" gun redone and crew added. Looks much better!

Original idea was for a two man crew but this looked silly so I've added an officer - later I'll probably make the crew up to five men. This size gun needs it.

The gun needs a bit of retouching but I don't think I'll bother at the moment - no doubt later on I'll start feeling guilty and sort the wheel, just now I'm reverting to my 'These are toys' stance.

I sometimes feel a bit guilty about the 'blobby' faces - again, I just say 'toy' and move on.

The officer is a bit weird. Noticed it when painting the red stripe down his trousers - the leg is in a weird position. Doesn't seem to have a kneecap and it bends forward in an... odd... fashion.

I was only going to have one gun with my 'army' but suspect that a full 3 or 4 gun battery is on the cards at some stage.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

1897 Lancers and Cuirassiers

First of the Irregular Miniatures cavalry. These are very different in style to the Spencer Smith figures - have to admit, I prefer the Irregular horses. On the other hand, with the Spencer Smith website you can link directly to a particular page.

The Lancers are serving as generic British Lancers - they're actually Prussian Uhlans but the only really noticeable difference is the lack of a plume. Closest Regiment would probably be the 9th.

The French Currasiers are likewise quite generic - fact is, don't know enough about them to be specific. Saddlecloth may be wrong for rank and file - pictures suggest plain for these, blue edged with red for officers - prefer the blue/red combo so...

And this is a comparison between Spencer Sith and Irregular cavalry figures. Important thing being they are basically compatible.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

1897 Sorting buildings

It's one thing collecting and painting loads of shiny 42mm toys, but that's only part of it. Battles and generally playing with the things means you need buildings, hedges and trees on the table as well.

Happily, I've got Newhaven. OK, Newhaven is 28mm rather than 42mm, but then lots of people have buildings that are to a smaller scale than the figures, plus one house = one village... Not relevant! This is basically a 1:1 toys scenario! The question is: what do they look like next to each other.

So I've had a couple of quick sessions trying things out.

This is my Lledo brewery. Very much something to be defended from those Foreign types.

Likewise, Sarissa country manor (normally used as part of Miskatonic University) fits well. The Sarissa fencing also fits in very nicely scale-wise.

Different photo session, Sarissa church - these larger buildings all go very well with the figures.

However... 1897 is very  much a British affair - most of Newhaven is obviously American. Don't think the TTCombat  police station is appropriate somehow.

So, conclusion - 28mm buildings go very well with 42mm buildings. However, it does mean having to buy and build a load of British houses if I'm going to represent the sort of High Street I grew up in (and which would have been easily recognised in 1897.)

Monday, 19 February 2018

Rose 20mm Hussars

Thought I'd posted these in the past but can't find them - a comment re  Rose 20mm cavalry came up on the Old Metal Detector blog which made me look for them.