Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 19 May 2018

6mm Alien attack overview.

Garrison had quite a nice (if now old fashioned) range of sf tanks. The first lot I painted up were loosely based on German WW2 schemes, recently I started painting up more of these but in a more British scheme. Then I spotted a load of 15mm Stargrunt 'spider drones' on the Ground Zero stand at Salute and thought they would make good 6mm alien machines. The idea is that they are fast-moving lightly armoured swarms that like to swamp their enemies - a bit like fast zombies in zombie games.

The result is a very quickly painted set of sf models... more spider drones on order, human infantry there's a load of Brigade Models infantry on order, still thinking about a source for suitable alien infantry.
The 'British' armoured division as it stands at the moment.

It nominally harks back to WW2 so the first/Senior Regiment has red markings, first squadron triangle on turret, 2nd square and 3rd circle. However, the HQ I've gone for 'R' instead of a diamond - so closer to German WW2 in that respect. Vehicles are 'standard' grav tanks and I may add a second Regiment of these.
The second Regiment is a heavy regiment - 2 squadrons of tracked heavies and an 'anti-tank' squadron of grav tanks with missile capability.
Artillery support - lots of missiles on a grav chassis.

Scout Regiment but liable to be used as infantry carriers until I get that lot sorted.

The only non-Garrison element - some Ground Zero walkers. In 'this' universe they would have been designed and produced as a partial response to the swarms.

Two different swarms of Ground Zero Spider Drones. Each swarm includes 15 vehicles - not really drones of course, but might as well still call them that - quite simply painted.

This lot are quite weird - I'm using them as basically support/assault with an anti-infantry Gatling type gun plus a very short range weapon capable of taking out the heaviest armour - if it can get close enough.
General purpose swarm. Two guns with limited anti infantry capability and not really able to defeat the heavy tracked tanks... think Sherman 75 against Tiger...

(While typing this the post arrived bringing with it the next two swarms...)

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