Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Philistine ox cart

Working on my usual practice of several projects at the same time, my Philistine army has a new addition.

At the moment I only have this one, though I do have another cart sans oxen. Could do with a couple more though.


  1. Cool model, although I wonder what drives the Phillistines to use oxen for their chariots? Oxen are not know for being anything but fast.

    1. Simple answer is that they're not but look cool.

      The originals are based on Egyptian friezes of the Sea People invasion and really show the 'civilian' ox carts, they have Peleset, etc, fighting from them but could just represent Egyptians breaking into the camp or catching them on the march.

      Or could be used as 'strongpoints' the same as Hussite wagons?

      Of course, although down ads Philistines they should be Peleset - but I'll have some as both...

  2. Thanks Rob, I was just wondering. But will make a cool strongpoint and is a nive heavy chariot. I would use i in games. Looks great.