Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lydia v Phrygia DBA

As I'm getting on with some casting, this battle is on the 2' deep board that I also rest my spincaster on.

Figures are all Garrison 20mm though the Phrygian General's chariot is scratch built.

Setup shown from behind the Lydian army.

The Phrygian  right heads to outflank the refused Lydian left...

Whilst the Lydian right heads towards the Phrygians...

Note the double ranked Lydian spears. At this point I'd forgotten that they don't count two ranks against peltasts (Ax).

The Phrygian General plus supports reaches first.

But being pushed back and losing 2 elements of peltasts   didn't seem like a good start.



While the Lydian right was being held up - that small wood had a major effect on the battle...

At which point the Lydians were 4 elements down and lost!

So the armies got put away and out came the casting setup.

Another enjoyable battle. Even fighting solo there are surprises - the way the Lydian right was held up by light archers in the wood - and lost a light horse element in the process - the fact that spears beat the peltasts as expected, but not as easily, one element of spears lost to two elements of peltasts,  and the speed at which the Phrygian right was able to get into action and win the day...


  1. Huzzah for the Phyrgians. Obviously their archers' tactic of shooting down from the trees worked. Probably learned it from Richard Greene.

    1. These 2 elements of Persian light archers are fast becoming super troops - they're the ones that took out the Antigonid general in my last battle! The light archers on both sides are also the only troops in this battle I didn't paint myself, being acquired from Harry. In the case of the Persians, I had used up all my 'own' Garrison figures of this type as either Sparabara or 3Bw, so when I started sorting figures out for armies I used ex-Harry figures in the 2Ps role.

      Not surprised at the thought of a Robin Hood. Early figures John Braithewaite did for Minifigs were mostly Robin Hood conversions anyway.