Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Interim post

As it's a long time since my last one...

Still waiting for orders from RAFM and Mirliton to arrive, so no news there.

On Ancients, nearly completed two reclaimed Assyrian chariots, so soon with them. I've also got a unit of Egyptian archers to undercoat. Also, a unit of Assyrian light spears bought off the Internet to do - they only need minor work doing. Few other things, just nothing ready.

At some stage some other Internet buys to do - lots of early 'S' Range one piece cavalry figures. That lot should be interesting when done.

Casting, lots of figures being slowly cast for various people - hope to get most of them done by the weekend.

Finally, King's Lynn is a Hanse Port and there was a Hanse Fesival at the weekend - including a visit by a replica 14th Century cog. Need to sort those photos out as well...

So, lots going on, just not a lot in a 'finished' state!

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