Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 1 May 2015

Excuses to stock up

Birthdays count.

One of the advantages to Salute, for example, is that it gives my son a chance to sort out my prezzie. Basically,   S&A Scenics have now provided me with some new rivers to replace some tattered 40 year old Bellona ones.

I've also taken the opportunity (via my wife Sandra) to top up a load of Fantasy figures from the old Grenadier ranges (now produced by Mirliton ) and RAFM . These haven't arrived yet - not very strange, only ordered the Grenadier ones yesterday.

Finally - and these have arrived - I also topped up some Reviresco nautical types to go with my 'Tealight Ironclads'.

This isn't one of my ships though - it's a cross between one of the Reviresco card models beefed up with balsa - an early, pre-tealight, attempt at a navy.

The tealight idea fits quite well for merchant ships. In fact, they were designed for 15/20mm rather than 28mm, so I may scale a merchant ship up a bit and do one on A3.

I keep saying to myself 'must get at least one article published this year' - done it last two years - and a scenario or range of scenarios including these might do the job as a follow up to Tealight Ironclads. I must also get round to designing the sides for a trireme fo a redo of Marathon.

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