Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Curry's PC World rubbish!

When you are getting something delivered and installed and have it written into the delivery details that it has to be after a certain time you  don't expect it to be delivered an hour early. THERE IS NO-ONE IN THEN!!! Any one with half a brain should know that!

Actually, there was someone in - I was having some work done so there was a workman in. He phoned me and I spoke to them but they couldn't wait until I got there - no, had to be a new delivery/installation date.

So 3 phone calls, one hour wasted (mainly on hold) and it's cancelled. I've wasted enough time with them. And they'll have to take their chances on collection. I may be in, I may not. As they said to me, paying £20 for time to suite delivery service is not a guarantee that they will deliver then. As I pointed out, yes it is if I make it a condition of the sale - contracts go both ways.

And get this - they can't arrange the actual refund unless I go back to the store... another wasted hour.

Guess which store has just had it's last order from me?


  1. Very annoying - I've had some problems recently with paying extra for guaranteed next-day delivery from John Lewis and the item didn't arrive. The extra charge is a scam - the item went in the same ParcelForce van as it would have done if I hadn't paid extra - there was no next day instruction on the package. I'm intrigued by the logic - if you pay £20 for delivery at a particular time (which sounds to me like a specific purchased service) and they claim there is no guarantee then a small step down the same path gets you to the idea that maybe only the Sony maker's warranty offers you any guarantee that the thing in the box is a TV rather than a cheese sandwich?

    Seems to me that fancy delivery deals and (especially) extended guarantees are the new add-on scam with which retailers have replaced the once remunerative finance deals on which they used to score heavily - the credit card has blown that one away. I once had a friend who worked for a dodgy national furniture chain, and they used to make far more money out of the finance agreements than they ever did out of the furniture. They disliked cash customers.

  2. They actually came today to FIT it. Pity I was out - in fact, I was taking the TV back to their store at the time as I didn't want it cluttering the place up.

    The official view was that the salesman shouldn't have agreed delivery in the last 2 hours of the delivery 'window' - though of course that would have meant no sale.