Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 12 December 2016

Seleucid/Roman HC update

I've now painted and based the second unit of shielded javelin cavalry. Because I want to be able to use them for both Seleucid and Roman armies I've just given them plain shields - red shields can act as Roman cavalry, green shields as an Allied Italian contingent. Only reason for green shields is that I painted these at the same time as the Indian chariots - no sense in changing paints all the time. Although these two units are enough for my needs there is still my 'original' unit waiting in the wings of course.

I've added standard bearers to both units. Difficult conversion - crossbar cut from a spear and paper flag. Again, I've left them in plain colours. If I did do a third unit I would probably give them blue shields.

Both units consist of a command element and four three figure bases - the command element being present to act as general or subordinate general, the other four elements make up my 'standard' 12 figure unit (standard non-Garrison I should add - most of my Garrison cavalry units are 24 figures.)