Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 20 October 2014


Running Garrison had one major fault. It tended to take over everything else.

There are other figures out there. One of the first metal figures I painted was a Minifigds 'S' Range Greek cavalryman. Basically, he made a good mounted hoplite and, paiunted in University colours, became the general of my Greek army. Recently I acquired a few more of this figure and have painted them up as a Spartan Hippeis unit as bodyguard cavalry. The original is the top row middle figure, he keeps his original shield pattern.

For basing figures I tend to use 2mm MDF. The figures are simply embedded in polyfilla that I have 'dyed' with acrylic paint - means that they can be used without further work or painted later - any chips show a reasonable base colour instead of that horrible white effect.

The next advantage is that I'm freeing up space and can (eventually) have a 6x4 table set up semi-permanently. At the moment, this is a luxury. Lighting is not really good enough for photography, but I'll sort that.

This photo shows some of my Assyrian and Egyptian forces - I recently bought a load of early figures and am in the process of integrating them into my armies. Figures here include Garrison, Minifigs and Lamming, as well as some home made chariots.


  1. I bought two painted armies at the end of the '70's. One Greek with just those mounted hoplites and a Roman army.. I still have them in the original paint jobs. I often wondered who the manufacturer was though I suspected Minifigs

    1. I should be able to put more of the Greeks up in future plus some Romans. In some cases there are problems iding Romans - some 'S' Range transferred straight over to the IR Range, for example.

  2. For it was Airfix Britons , and of course old Atlantic plastics.....but a few Garrison mixed in is great.

  3. Had (still got) lots of Airfix and Atlantic - no doubt some of these will appear in due course.