Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Grant Elephants and To Do lists

I have got a To Do list. Finish integrating armies, sort out some Philistines, cast and paint a Garrison Roman army, then...

Nemidians and Stygians? Probably. Keep thinking about starting some 7 Years War figures. Already cast  a load of 1066 Normans and Saxons, plus a load of S&S Dwarves.

So that To Do list really looks more like a 'wishful thinking' list...

Meanwhile, for eye candy, a couple of pictures of Grant elephants. They show a bit more clearly than the Miniature Wargames photo how the ears had to be changed. Time hasn't been  kind to these poor animals and they still need a bit of restoration!


  1. Nice models. I always wonder how one could fight on top of a rampaging elephant without falling off