Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 15 January 2016

Assyrian chariot update

I don't get the chance to take many photos at the moment, so today I used the opportunity that presented itself...

Last February I mentioned that the 'S' Range Assyrians I bought off Harry had been based. I also mentioned that I was working on increasing the chariot force from 3 to a more Assyrian-like number. They're not all painted yet, plus still need to sort some crews, but this is where I'm up to:-

Harry kept finding unpainted figures over the year, I kept buying them, and from a load of 'bits' have increased (actually Persian) 2 horse component to 4 squadrons of 3 plus a general. The originals from Harry are in the bottom left corner, the general in the middle was one of the 'recycled' ones I mentioned in February. Crews are a mix of Garrison and odd 'S' Range Assyrians bought over a period from eBay. I've tried my best to stick to the original style of the original 3 chariots.

My original purchase of figures from Harry included 3 Assyrian chariots posing as Persians - these I've simply recrewed as I didn't want to strip and repaint them. They aren't to the same style as the others, but could represent a non-regular component of the army?

I also had a load of Assyrian cataphract horses lying around. Now, the chariots. The various 'bits' I got off Harry seem to be 'S' Range bodies but perhaps PB Range chassis's. So that's 3 different components. I've gone for Garrison 25mm chariot wheels, I'll be using 20mm Garrison crews... so quite a mix. 4 4 horse 3 crew chariots to start, but enough to probably make another 3.

This is a comparison picture of the 4 and 2 horse general's chariots.

I'm the first to admit - my painting ain't as good as it used to be... as per these 4 horse chariots from my 'Lamming'army - though the chariot bodies (and a couple of crew members) are 'S' Range.

I think a direct comparison proves the point!

For the future? May actually do some 4 horse 4 crew chariots based on the Garrison 25mm Chariot, see how that goes. Also got a load of other infantry to incorporate - including using 'S' Range Macedonian archers as Assyrian light archers. 

Got to get this lot finished and based first though.


  1. Very impressive.... they really remind me of my early days at the local wargames club. There were always loads of WRG ancient games going on.

    1. When they're all done, including the outstanding infantry, I'll try and do an Assyrian army review or two - if I combine all 3 of my Assyrian armies (Lamming, Garrison and 'S' Range) it should be quite spectacular...

  2. Happiness is a well stocked chariot park.