Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Some early attempts at Egyptian conversions

Back in the days when Garrison were owned by Amazon I tried to get Paul Ashton to bring out the old 20mm Garrison Ancients. He agreed, and further suggested he might also go for some new figures if I could guarantee enough orders. Full of enthusiasm (and with permission) I started producing rough conversions to give him an idea of what I would like. In the event, Paul finished up selling Garrison to me, I made Tiranti moulds of some of the conversions, then those moulds broke up a bit, I never got them professionally sculpted, and finally moved on.

These are some of the Egyptian conversions. Please don't laugh too loud; they get upset easily...

No excuses for the headgear...

And if the Sherden headgear wasn't enough prove I'm not a sculptor, the Peleset would really give the game away,

The archers are OK bearing in mind that they are several copies removed for the original masters - I was making basic masters, then using these for the next stage and so on - all dropcast at that time. Eventually, once I owned Garrison myself, I put together a different archer to act as my standard - but these came first.

The horse archer also didn't make it into my later production - but in this case I think it was a pity. I would have liked a couple of units of a decent production version of this one.

So this post is really a case of 'what-if' - what if Paul had continued with Garrison and arranged some of these to be redone professionally, what if I had? 

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