Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Newhaven update, September 2016

One of the strange things about the school holidays is that I should have masses of free time, intend to do loads, then everything stops. Which basically means I haven't done much recently.

However, checking past posts pictures of Newhaven are pretty much out of date. So this first picture shows a view down Main Street - actually an amalgam of Main Street and Church Street from the original map I'm using as a basis.

This view from the river shows that the docks area still needs developing. The blue area to the right is simply the end of the board. More treesto do but most still haven't been based yet.

A view across the Park towards the University with the Police Station to the left. The Park clock is curently missing. The blue area is simply there because I haven't cut the relevant road section yet. I think the Police Station could still do with some railings.

Miskatonic University in place. I still haven't made the replacement building yet, so this is the old one.  Again, the blue area is simply the end of the board.

This shows the final arrangement of the University fence.

A view of the cemetary and church with the residential area in the background.

A view across the Park to the Police Station.

Wonder what a September 2017 photo will look like...


  1. Looks great - really good. I don't like it, though - things are too quiet...

    1. Third picture down, look on the roof of the police station...