Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Republican Romans

Although I have armies covering most of the Classical world there has always been one serious omission - the Roman Republic.

So when I saw a mixed Minifigs/Garrison army on Ebay I put in an offer and got it.

The army itself has a few spears and pila missing but will give a useable force once rebased. 

It arrived well packed in thousands of small polystyrene balls. These things were electrostatically charged and were quite a pain to get rid of.  As can be seen, they got everywhere.

 One major fault of this army - it was a reasonable paint job spoilt by the dip. Quite simply, they had been dipped then put aside to dry. Trouble is, being liquid it tended to pool on the lower parts of the figures. The dark brown on these shields is quite mild compared to some figures.

So, a useful and useable addition to my armies, though certainly not the best.

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