Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Seleucid/Republican Roman Heavy Cavalry

As I think I've mentioned a few times before my various Macedonian armies were (still are) a mess. This is really, really true of the cavalry... Started with shieldless javelin cavalry, added drawing pin shields, then replaced unit with actual shielded, then went to kontos armed... and that's just my Companion cavalry.

So now I'm doing a resort.

The last version of my Successor cavalry have already made an appearance on this blog. However, the heavies are kontos armed, usually Successor heavies are javelin/shield. They can be seen next to a unit of Lamming cataphracts.

So, time to rebuild the javelin/shield force. The first picture shows the 'original' unit - should be 15 strong, some AWOL - followed by a unit I've just painted. I've enough figures to do another unit but still scraping together the 'right' horses.

The 'new' unit have been given red uniforms and plain red shields so they can double as Romans.

These are early PB figures - shorter, thicker spear/javelin, cast on horse furniture (means I should have used 'S' Range horses instead of PB).

The longer, thinner spears on my earlier unit shows that they were a slightly later production figure. Not sure what to do with these - try and find the rest I suppose!

So at least one other unit still to come, plus some light cavalry - again, the light cavalry are in a bit of a mess. I'm painting some up now so they should be ready in a few days.

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