Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 3 November 2016

More scythed chariots

An old army list allows up to 6 Persian horse scythed chariots, so eventually that's what my Late Persian/Seleucid chariots will eventually have...

Not sure when I'll get round to glossing and basing the two new recruits so I thought I'd just post them in the 'raw' state.

I've gone for 20mm Garrison crews again. The front figure is a modified G3 - the original has a smaller spear but I made a variant with a spear to match figures such as the Spartan and Theban hoplites. In the event, I put them on a mould but have not produced a unit of them. The rear figure is a modified Greek cavalry figure - again, mould made but never went into production - although in this case it was due to a sudden influx of hoplites from elsewhere.

On these chariots, horses and chariot chassis are Minifigs, wheels are from the Garrison 25mm Persian chariot, scythes are just Khmer swords.


  1. like your Philistine chariots, these scythed chariots look great too!


    1. I'm very much on making the 'specials' at the moment - some day I might do a unit the cavalry-based hoplite, I've a similar figure with an Egyptian head that should also make an appearance if I ever have time.