Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 3 March 2017

Egypt Pre Division

Division 2 of the Minifigs 'S' Range Egyptian army now  completed (though subject to change).

The archer unit is newly painted and based - finished today. No idea how to paint crocodile skin armour so I just used olive green. The black lines on the bow seem to have been a Harry Pearson trademark so I've done it here to keep the style going.

Chariot squadron and general ex-Harry and unmodified - just based.

The armoured unit was bought off the Internet and based without modification. Stile not quite right and only 20 figures in unit, but nice. They will probably be swapped out and put in the Sutekh Division.

Ex Harry - this unit is actually formed out of 2 units from a reorganisation of Harry's figures and have had the colour of the shield rim changed.

Every Division has a small unit of 'Scouts'. Amun and Pre are on Minfigs horses and  have bands painted on the helmet, Sutekh and Ptah are on Garrison horses and plain helmets.

Light infantry slingers ex-Harry and unmodified.

This unit, once painted, will probably replace the current unit of heavies - I'll paint it in a style that matches the rest of the Division a bit better.


  1. Most impressive army Rob, I really like your shields...

    1. Thanks, but can't claim credit for the shields - they were all there when I got the figures. On the other hand, the unit I'm painting up now will have shields I've painted, so...