Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 26 March 2017

First castings 2017

Still (slowly) getting through the first batch - about half way - but the initial figures are now entering service.

In the process of casting more of these. Two hours this morning produced 5! Definitely not casting well at the moment! Still about 20 short of what I intend to do.

This lot were not on my original 'to do' list, but they are on the same mould as the others and casting better so... current status glossed but not based.

Casting for others also about half way through - some OK, some being a pain (Vanha archers, I'm looking at you!) Probably do another 2-3 hours casting today.


  1. One can never really have too many Persian cavalry.

    1. I tell myself this a lot. More, I believe. Some would call me gullible. Greeks, mainly.