Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Of Greeks, Spartans and Medes...

Although of course Spartans are Greeks...

Normally this lot would be 3 separate posts but I seem to have been a bit laggard recently.

The 'Greeks'. That's just finishing off ones I've already mentioned. Well, OK, I added all the 'extras' I've painted when I did the other units, plus did a General's element using spare armoured figures... The end result being 9 elements plus a general's element. Enough for most generic versions of the Late Greek army.


I know I said that was going to be it for Greeks for now, but couldn't resist - armoured Greeks as Spartan Hippeis completed. Not wearing the Pilos helmet but can't have it all.

And as an 'extra' also did a unit of Mede archers.

Meanwhile, half way through finishing some Vanha archers as well - so  I have been busy.


  1. A riot of colour. Your composition is really good.

  2. Beautiful colors and impressive shields, well done!

    1. Hoplite shields I always try to do that little bit better as they're the most visible part.