Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 8 August 2016

Newhaven - writing the rules

In  the past I've not bothered about 'written'rules as such but I thought I would with these.

Going to take some time.

Most of the tables, etc have been written to first draft but still need a lot of work.

Meanwhile, as a starter, this is my current introduction - I'm sure there will be several alterations/additions/rewrites to follow:

'Newhaven Chronicles rules have been/are being written because I saw a need for ME.

To explain. I tend to wargame solo. In the past, whatever I’ve done, it has been based on DBA or HoTT, simply modifying the odd thing here and there for each game.

Then I started building Newhaven and things changed. Yes, I can simply change it so that an element is just a single base. That works. But combat didn’t.  As an example, a policeman with a gun is  a shooter. But… what if he loses his gun in combat or runs out of ammo… to me, he’s not a shooter… and if he’s fighting things off hand to hand, that’s different to managing to use his baton… or he could be shooting  any one of a combination of guns…

Then there’s the tentacles problem… in reality, each tentacle can fight separately. Also, one tentacle can wrap round a victim while sideswiping several others…so the combat system didn’t work there.

Or swarms. If using more than one per base then beasts would fit, but here… anyway, a swarm of army ants is different to a swarm of rats and a swarm of bees doesn’t really fit with flyers. A swarm of wolves is called a pack and they are big enough to treated separately.

Also in real life both sides might hurt each other in a fight, not really catered for. 

Oh, lots  of things. Cut a long story short, I’ve decided to start almost from scratch and write everything down. This is a start…'

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