Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Seleucid Scythed chariots

It's all the fault of those armoured elephants. I'm back on Seleucids...

Back in the 70s my Seleucids and late Achaemenid Persians had to make do with a couple of Atlantic plastic chariots to act as scythed chariots.

Since then, I have produced a few cardboard bodied 2 and 4 horse scythed chariots, but having lots of Minifigs chariot bits lying around I thought I'd do a couple more substantial versions.

This chassis and wheels don't have the large round globe at the front of the shaft so I assume it to be a PB chariot body. Horses are the standard early Minfigs chariot horse and the scythe is from the Garrison 25mm Persian chariot. As I was basically using substandard bits for these, the horses used were all the ones that had been 'bent' over to one side and needed straightening. In one case a couple of legs snapped - this horse is now a superglued inner chariot horse, though can't remember which chariot it's on. The charioteer is a converted Garrison 20mm Greek - none of my Minifigs figures seemed to fit the model as well.

This one is the 'S' Range chassis. Wheels are Garrison ACW artillery wheels, again with Garrison scythes.

Considering that these were made from what amounted to the scrap box, a quick pleasing result all round.

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