Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 14 April 2017

New moulds

Getting 4 new moulds made and the figures are now with 'The Mould Maker' - should be ready in a couple of weeks.

One is the S&S Vanha mould - apart from the archers, there are 2 variants of swordsmen (one with sword raised to slash down, one with sword reversed so it looks like it's being waved about in the air) and a figure throwing a javelin. Should have had new photos done to include the javelinman.

The other 3 are (of course) more 20mm Ancients - 2 are just some horses and Greek hoplites, the other is my series of Persian/Mede robed conversions, including:

The Greek hoplite mould does include another conversion - the medium cavaly figure rebased as a hoplite. It also has a singlr Roman figure - the marching legionary that I've been intending to sort for years. It's a repaired master so will need another mould for me to produce reasonable numbers - so I'm still going to need more moulds in the future.

In the days before I bought Garrison the previous owner said there was no way in which any new Garrison moulds would ever be made. I think my total of new moulds is about 120...


  1. Those are very fine. Colourful chaps.

  2. They come under the 'why didn't Garrison do these back then'. The Garrison 20mm Immortal was one of the few figures I considered disappointing yet these ones were quite easy conversions -and a lot more satisfying. I've spearmen and archers with Mede, Persian and Immortal heads, so 6 'new' figures in this tranche.