Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 17 April 2017

'S' Range Egyptian army

Although most of these figures have appeared in previous posts it's always nice to put all of the figures of a particular army together. In this case, just one unit away from completing this army... which would mean a couple of units being 'bumped' into other Divisions.

The army is formed from 4 Divisions - Amun, Pre, Sutekh and Ptah. Each Division apart from Ptah consists of a scout cavalry force, a chariot unit, 2 close order spear/blade units, 1  close order archery unit and a light infantry unit. Roughly 84 infantry, 4 chariots and 6 cavalry. Ptah is the 'foreign' Division, Nubian/Kushite. More archers than spears and commanded by a Kushite commander. The Pharaoh has a separate 'Guard' chariot unit.

These photos show the army with Amun and Pre in front, Sutekh and Ptah behind while the Pharaoh and his squadron lead from the front.

This shows the ranks a bit better -  Pharaoh in front, then cavalry/chariots, then infantry.

The Pharaohs squadron.

Right flank, Amun in front, Sutekh behind.

The left flank, Pre backed by Ptah. Pre has it's own 'general', as does Ptah. The Pharaoh would normally be with Amun so perhaps I should sort a general for Sutekh...


  1. Another great looking force - are we likely to see them in action?

    1. Yes, but not all at once... as shown here the army has a 3' frontage, if Divisions side by side that's 6', and if in a 'reasonable' battle order 2 or 3 times that. I tend to limit my battles to DBA (12 elements) or double DBA (24 elements) size armies - each Division of this lot would be over 30 elements. At some stage there will be a double-size Egyptian v Kushite battle - that's planned, don't know when. For that I might involve some of my actual EA Series Kushites.