Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 1 June 2015

'S' Range Nubians

I'm willing to admit to a slight mistake here. One of the things I'm doing at the moment is putting together  the 'S' Range Egyptians. This is the army I got from Harry that needs most work. Firstly, I had some of my own. Second, I'm buying some off the Internet. Third, Harry's figures were themselves from several different and not always compatible sources.

Anyway, coming to do the Nubians I was convinced that assorted bows were part of the Hyborian Black Nations army, hence one of the reasons I painted up those Zulus...

The Black Nations army consists of 1 Rider general, 6 Rider cavalry and 5 Warband!

Coming back to the Nubians, several different figure sources and I didn't want to strip and repaint them all. So instead I've simply jumbled them up within the units.  The officer and standard bearer in the 3Bw unit shown in the first photo are later EA figures. They are unmodified Internet additions - all I've done is give them a coat of varnish before basing.


I've based 2 units so far, a 24 figure 3Bw unit and a 12 figure 2Ps unit. A DBA Nubian army needs a couple of 3Wb elements, plenty of them lying around when I need them, so Egyptians have some useful allies plus a potential opponent sorted.

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