Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sphinxes, Demons and Cyclops

Carrying on with the Mirliton order I've started on the demons plus a Cyclops and a couple of sphinxes.

At least, started a couple of sphinxes. One no problem, other one had 2 left wings...

Demons are an interesting crowd, first couple completed others getting there.

The Cyclops took a few minutes to complete - virtually all drybrushed. Actually, both the sphinx and Red Demon were mainly drybrushed as well.

Verdict on the figures so far? Excellent, virtually no flash, nice detail, easy to paint. I like them - could be another order going to Italy at some stage, lots more in the Range I'd like to have. My photos and painting simply don't do them justice.

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