Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 1 June 2015

Sorting (some of) the Egyptians

As I've previously mentioned the Egyptians need some sorting. In some cases, figures have to be stripped and repainted, others need less drastic action. Some have to be painted from scratch. Because of the work involved anyway I've also taken the decision to resize the units - Harry's Egyptian army was based on  40 infantry to a unit, mine are based on 12 cavalry/light infantry, 24 close order infantry per unit.

I acquired 9 painted and a load of unpainted chariots from Harry. As the 'real' Egyptian army was organised in up to 4 'Divisions' I decided on 4 squadrons of 4 chariots plus the Pharaoh. So, Pharaoh plus 8 chariots below painted by Harry, other 8 by me. I've tried to get the style more or less the same, for example the black rings on the bow and colour  and ornamentation on the chariot. It seems to have worked OK.Crew and horses are a bit different, but still fit.

 I had 9 of this unit plus a few  others with different shield patterns and spear colours. So 3 of the others had new shield patterns added and the unit got a change of spear colour. I do have another, unmodified, unit of these as well.
 The slingers were easy. No changes, just needed to be varnished and based.
 On the other hand, the light archers were all over the shop. Easiest thing was to just strip and repaint. A second unit is still in the Dettol . Nothing fancy with these - very rough and ready quick paint job, looks fine en masse.

 There are lots of Garrison units lying around, these horse archers were saying saying 'finish us' so I did. Still have more 'S' Range horse archers to paint as well.
 Lots more figures still being worked on. I'll feed them into the blog over the next week or two then, at some stage, probably do an 'S' Range Egyptian Review - though probably not a total Egyptian Review.

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