Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Charles Grant peltasts and cavalry

When I bought the Charles Grant figures that I call 'the Grant Collection' - which I would love to develop (ie, find and acquire ones like the Assyrians) - I originally decided to leave them well alone.

As time has gone on I've moderated that view. The figures themselves have been rebased and used since Charles Grant owned them anyway, plus some of them need to be refurbished a bit.

Currently I'm working on peltasts, and the collection included 110 Garrison G11. It seemed reasonable to rebase 24 of these as peltasts to give me a second unit. I'll probably rebase another peltast unit, not sure about some nice looking 10 man units as psiloi?

 After that, I'm looking at the cavalry.

 I've already got quite a few of these in my armies but it's a figure I really like - it would be nice to see this unit rebased and in action.

Another candidate is this mob. Some of the spears need a bit of attention, but the shields are superb. They'll be rebased as mediums/heavies rather than their current light bases.

One large group of figures are the Garrison Persian cavalry. I haven't started rebasing the 'S' Range Persians yet so might wait until then before I consider my options with the Grant figures.


  1. I do like these.

    I think you could easily get away with some of the peltasts as psiloi. Probably some peltasts and cavalry could also fit in as levies/mercenaries/allies from Asia Minor, Thrace, Bithynia etc from non-trouser wearing areas, the cavalry look good up to Republican Roman days.

    1. I'm using this figure for both. In fact, most are based as psiloi, even if I do finish up with with 3 24 figure peltast units!Cavalry are basically later Greek, I ignore that and have them spread through my various city armies. Strangely, the heavy cavalry figure is my favourite Garrison Greek figure but also the one I have fewest of.