Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 13 May 2016

Peltasts and Psiloi

It's one thing to have masses of people with very long pointy sticks, but the phalangites need support.  As a result, I've been spending the time since the last post sorting and basing some of these.

Garrison only did two javelin armed Greek light infantry, so they are going to have to cover all the jobs. Actually, that's not strictly true, but I'll come to that later.

At the moment I've based 2 units of 'Regular' peltasts' 1 unit of 'Irregular' peltasts and a unit of 'Irregular' psiloi.

All of these figures are ones bought painted apart from the command figures. I admit I've rushed the paint jobs on these a bit.

 This is partly because the figures themselves are quite basic.

At the moment these act as my Thracians. This particular figure was originally a bit of a problem - I didn't have a master to use when trying to resurrect the range. Happily, I did have figures in my own army and these did the job quite well. Since then, I seem to have acquired hundreds of the things!

The Pantodapoi Phalangites weren't the only figures that 'stopped' when the deluge occurred. I was also looking at building up a force of peltasts and had reached the stage of producing test paint jobs. I prefer 'mine' to the ones I've just based and may later upgrade the units with ones I do myself. It is in a very long 'to do' list.

The Psiloi element did already have quite a few finished figures - these are a few I had finished earlier...

That Regular Peltast is, at the moment, going to have to cover as Alexandrian Hypaspists. However, I had produced an infantry version of this figure by the simple expedient of bending the feet forward and sticking it on a base. A mould was made, some have been produced and I think that the to do list will include a unit of these as Hypaspists. I think I've got enough hoplites already.

Also, one of the never-issued-by-Greenwood-and-Ball was this Dacian. I did actually release it but don't remember selling any...  anyway, by the simple expedient of painting the legs flesh they make decent Thracians with Rhompia.

I suppose the next thing I have to do is sort the archers and slingers.


  1. I have always had a weakness for the javelin and sword or spear types from Thracians to Thureophori and back to barbarian hill tribes.

    1. Certainly one of my main memories of the 70s was that everyone seemed to have some Minifigs Thracians with rhomphia.

  2. More great looking figures - I'm really enjoying these posts on your collection!