Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Division of Amun

May not have posted much recently, but I've been busy.

'S' Range Egyptians have seen quite a bit of work - archers and horse archers painted and quite a few figures rebased. I've also put a load of infantry in to soak in Dettol - they'll be the basis of the Pre Division. Meanwhile, Sutekh and Ptah are basically complete apart from basing. Amun is the 'Royal' Division and, as such, stronger than the others. Originally, each Division was going to have a four chariot squadron; in the event I decided that Amun would have two squadrons to support Pharaoh and the 'newcomer' Ptah (originally created by Rameses) would be a 'weak' Division so that only it's General will be chariot borne.

The Division in order of march. The Division itself consists of three components: Scouts, Chariots and Infantry bringing up the rear.

The scouts include a small unit of horse archers whose main function would be as messengers - all four of my Divisions has an attached unit. This lot were painted by Harry, I painted the rest, two units of which are mounted on Garrison horses. All the infantry came from Harry as painted figures apart from the unarmoured archers which I painted.

Pharaoh in the middle of his chariots.This seemed like a more logical way of setting up the march than having him in front! Actually, he probably would have been in front of the chariots to keep out of the  dust they would have produced. All of these chariots were painted by me, Harry's man the other Divisions.

The infantry have two components - armoured and unarmoured, each with a spear regiment and a bow regiment. If I ever get round to painting some of the Rose Sherden they might replace some of these.

Incidentally, as well as this lot I've also been sorting some of 'my' phalangites - the white Hinchliffe phalangites have been touched up to blend in with the green unit and I've finished painting the Garrison Pantodapi. Just got to get them based.