Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Continuing with Macedonians

A few posts ago I mentioned that some of 'my' Macedonians and Egyptians were getting a bit neglected. Well, the Egyptians still are, but at least I'm doing something about the Macedonians...

Firstly, quick photos/poor lighting, sorry about the quality.

This shot shows the non-Harry phalanx units. The front row includes the main Garrison converted units. The back row includes rehashed Hinchliffe (1974ish?), early Minifigs from about 1970, the initial batch of Garrison conversions, then a couple of small units of (presumed) Warrior phalangites.

Until the madness of buying all Harry's figures, the three Garrison phalanx units were intended to be the main component of my 'modern' Macedonian/Successor force, and it was planned to have another 'line' unit. Back in the 70s I tended to cut down the length  of my pikes for easier use. That pike length has been retained for these figures. Thus the front figure, acting as a Successor/elite phalangite, is simply the G16 Boeotian hoplite with a slightly longer pike. Chances are I would have made more of these as Successors. The blue helmeted lot are the line phalangites, bringing up the rear the newly painted Asian Pantodapoi. I'll also probably use them as Egyptian phalangite though! This figure is quite basic but does the job - it's a conversion of G3, the hoplite wearing the Corinthian helmet.

The Elites have naturally been given a more ornate shield design than the rest.

One thing I'm trialling with the phalagites. Due to the sheer numbers of the things I have - about 300 here and probably about the same useable number from Harry - I'm trying out putting some figures 3 deep on 60mm deep bases. Should leave movement and setting up easier, meanwhile I still have more than enough on single depth bases for other small scale uses.

The Hinchliffe figures previously mentioned have been 'standardised' to a degree. Basically, the white pike unit has been slightly repainted to fit in with the others and put together as a 48 strong phalanx. As these originated the 'short' pike, probably should have appeared earlier.


  1. Very nice! My own Macedonian/Successor forces come from two very different sources.
    Ral Partha/Raffam and ESSEX and they can't be used together!

    1. I've got some Essex lying around somewhere. Half finished, totally incompatible, don't even like them.

    2. Yeah I always thought the big Essex moldings lacked any kind of animation or charm.