Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 20 February 2017

Mede DBA army

Finally finished though the cavalry component will be subject to change...

I admit, the first picture is not a DBA army, but shows all the units the army has been drawn from. There are still a couple more Mede units left to rebase, plus a load of Persians who will form the , well, Persian DBA component..

This is the DBA army - I/40(c) 1xLCh, 3x3Cv, 1x2LH, 4x4Sp, 2x3Bw, 1x2Ps

As shown previously, general in his chariot.

The 3Cv are as bought, just standard bearer added, spears touched up and based.

Another 'as previously seen' -in parts - unit, the 4x4Sp.

And 2x3Bw

The LH and Ps bases are both simply rebased.

All figures except the chariot body (Garrison) and LH (Pb Range) are Minifigs 'S' Range. Chances are, the LH will be swapped for 'S' Range Scythians whereas the 3Cv will be transferred to the Persian DBA army I'll probably sort next whilst being replaced by 'upgraded' 'S' Range Assyrian horse archers.


  1. Lovely work as always....I'm beginning to wonder at the amount of painted figures you have. Any idea?

    1. I don't really know. Certainly since buying Garrison 10 years ago - which basically gave me access to as many figures as I could paint - plus a couple of collections such as Harry's - the number has gone up a lot. Also, lots of plastic figures, plus 15mm lying around... do I count them? Probably pick a number over 15,000 but less than 30,000? The fact is, I can buy the things painted these days for about 50p-60p each painted, so numbers go up quickly but at a pretty low cost.