Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 16 February 2017

What do I do with these?

This little lot were part of the mass of figures I bought off Harry. Harry gives a brief history of this interesting part of the trove - some archers were used 'as is', some I repainted, some Nubian archers were used in units mixed with a load I bought elsewhere and either used 'as is' or painted to match, leaving this lot.

Trouble is, these spearmen are too interesting to repaint plus don't fit in with any of my 4 Divisions.  Perhaps I'll put them on green bases and incorporate them into my Persian army. Another possibility would be to use them in the Ptah Division. after all.

 The shield patterns are interesting.

The archers I just can't think of a use for at all! One quirky feature of these figures is a white line running down the front of the nose. Another  quirky feature of the unit as far as I am concerned is that I use this figure as either a Pharaoh or as officers. So quite a strange unit.


  1. An elite bodyguard known as "The Sons of the Pharoh"? Or perhaps Children of the Pharoh.

    The spearmen do call to mind tge Egyptian hoplitex with tall shields at Cunaxa. Always meant to do some Egyptians for my Persians.

    1. Must admit, like those as Regimental names.

  2. These are just too nice, not to utilise. Put them in the Persian army as an Egyptian contingent.