Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 16 June 2017

Early Persian DBA update

The problem with blogging, then painting a unit, then blogging is time between blogs...

So thought I'd do an update on the current mini project, the Garrison DBA Early Achaemenid army.

This is the present state of affairs, a mix of newly-done, old 'spares' and a couple of 'placeholders.'

The four 4Bw elements will eventually be 'new' Immortals, robed Persian, robed Mede and Saka. At the moment I still don't have enough robed Persian figures so a second element of Immortals is standing in. Likewise, I have yet to paint another Saka/Scythian element so an element from the main army  is on secondment (as is the Saka cavalry element.)

The cavalry are a newly painted unit of Guard cavalry - like the colour scheme so may do a full size unit later - and a light cavalry Saka element.

When I paint large infantry units I usually paint a few 'spares.' In this case, Theban hoplites and Persian archers to act as the 4Sp and 3Bw elements. Both original units are still intact and are 48 figure/12 element units.   I hadn't noticed the mark on the front of the rear archer - happily, I have two of these elements spare so can always use the other one!

Still working on the other elements for the army and could yet change the ones above anyway. One thing I haven't decided on - do I do another Persian General's chariot? Most of the other Persian/Mede combos have one of their own and I like chariots so...


  1. Once again great job and beautiful colors (Agree with you, at the distance is better), but the overall effect is fantastic...

  2. Designed as en masse figures for larger battles of 100+ figures a side - and that's when they look best.