Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Garrison converted Immortals.

I tried putting the body of the Achaemenid Guard cavalry figure on a number of robed bodies - Immortal, Assyrian bow/spear/shield - and had a mould made. This was quite a while ago - just checked November 2014 -  and I finally got round to starting to paint them. Then stopped.

OK, perhaps some kind of burn out, so new tack. I'm painting them up as separate elements now in different colours. First two (red and brown robes) completed and look pretty good.

Meanwhile, I also produced a few other figures and I recently sent them away to be put into moulds. The estimated time of delivery of the moulds was to be about 23rd April, haven't got them back yet...

When I do, current intention is to make up a DBA army or 3.  4 8Bw elements per DBA army will be needed so for each I will do 1 of robed Mede archers, 1 of robed Persian archers and 1 of my Scythian conversions.

Meanwhile, some other elements have been started, including an element of Blues...

I'll probably be using the spear armed 'new' figures for earlier Mede/Persian armies in the same way as I did for my Minifigs Mede army.


  1. You always make make new molds for new figures ?

    You always produce figurines?

    1. Since buying Garrison I've spent about £6,000 on about 120 new moulds, both as replacements for old moulds and for production of 'new' models. In fact, 4 moulds actually arrived today - only 6 weeks late. Only difference is, now the moulds are foir personal use. Being able to cast and paint up figures that are basically 'mine' is one of the pleasures of the hobby - they may be crude compared to work by a 'real' sculptor, but they're (nearly) all my own work!

    2. If they are crude compared to work by a 'real' sculptor, it does not matter if you do not resell them ...